Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Road Trip to Kerala...

In life we come across lots of advises. One of such many advises is always about planning. Planning in anything we do. Whether it is in important things like career or simple things like organizing a event , everything requires planning. But not every one agree with that and when there are bunch of buddies those doesn't agree with the great Theory of Planning that's when crazy things tend to happen . This is the story of our last road trip which happened out of no where and was possible only because we four believed that experiencing true joy involves exploring the unknown.

It was during last year October that we four me , Raju , Nanda and Jithin decided that its been too long since we took time off for a vacation(last one being just one year back :D) . We have decide to take the Dusshera weekend as an opportunity and plan a vacation around it. So all of us agreed on going to Kerala. But whats the fun in going in train or bus, so we decided to go on a road trip and since going by car would be too mainstream we chose bikes instead. But since Kerala is too far from Hyderabad we have decided that we would travel by Bus till Bangalore and we would take bikes from there. So plan was set ,tickets were booked and bikes were rented. In the week that we had before our journey starts we haven't spent any productive time on planning the trip. We didn't account for rains, neither for the routes . Thanks to technology we all had our Smart phones to guide us at any point. We were too eager and excited to look beyond the above mentioned planning.

The trip started with a small indication of what awaited us ahead. It started raining as soon as we entered Bangalore. But not being the type of stepping back from adventure we took our bikes and started on our journey. Four of us , two bikes , two backpacks and 4 helmets. No more biking gear. We loved the trip till Mysore as the weather was cool and the roads where empty. It didn't take lot of time to hit our top speed. We reached Mysore much before than we thought. Unaware of what lies ahead , we started taking pics and wasted time. We should have planned on reaching Kerala before sunset but who would have expected that bad roads through Bandipur forest were awaiting us.Just to make things even worse weather gave up on us and it started raining cats and dogs with its regular partner in crime the lightnings.

It was as if we have entered a horror movie set. Our smart phones were of no use as there was no signal in the dense forest. It was a 30 km stretch and the roads were bad and curvy. It was only after entering we realized its a Tiger reserve. One of the boards read “Please be silent passers. Do not disturb the crossing Tigers” . After reading the board our worlds went black and yellow. When fear strikes I think no other emotion hits us better than that. Out of the fear, our hallucinations started .Every now and then we were slowing down as we thought we have seen a Tiger. The road was going through the low land and the adjacent land was a bit high. We were looking out for a Tiger strike coming at any moment. Just think about the feeling that your life can end any minute. We were experiencing just that. We didn't want to talk, we didn't want to admit our fear but each one of us knew what exactly is going on in the others mind. Yet another blow to our chances of leaving the forest alive,one of our bikes got punctured. We had no intentions of stopping any where in the forest so we just didn't stop riding.But the 30 km of the stretch , I think it would be the longest distance we ever rode and the scariest thing we ever did. By the time we reached the borders of Kerala, I am sure all of us viewed our entire lives rolling back in our minds , the good the bad and the ugly and I am sure we each would have realized what matters the most as we escaped the claws of Tiger/Death .

The trip that started with a bang continued to thrill us. We could say we faced all emotions in the tour joy ,fun , pain , anger , fear . We have traveled a total of 1400 km over span of 5 days. The plan was to visit Waynad , Alleppey and Munnar. But we had to miss out on Munnar because of time constraints. We had seen the best of the roads we had seen the worst of them. We came across persistent rain , morning fog and the clouds through which we rode. There were times we felt glad that we decided to go on bikes like the Coimbatore to Bangalore Highway which was superb for riding and also we cursed ourselves for the same decision while riding from Waynad to Alleppey where we had missed our route , drowned in the rain and came across a highway which was worse than our average street lanes. At some point we even thought of giving up the return journey and come back in some lorry. The trip was definitely dangerous and I wouldn't suggest some one to take it.But we had our moments that made us all feel it was worth it.

Good or worse the entire experience remains close to our hearts. The sense of achievement we had when we returned to our starting point in Bangalore was in-explainable. We at-least had this feeling that when we grow old and look back on our lives we will have something crazy to talk about and something memorable that we would cherish forever. As the saying goes All's well that ends well.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

End of Bangalore Chapter !!!

After almost a year I am back to blogging. I wouldn't say my life was devoid of any interesting events or fun activities. But nothing seemed to be new or something which I haven't discussed before. To be frank I was just being lazy :D . So here I am back to discuss my life at and after Bangalore.

For me to digest the fact that I am no more HEADSTRONG is somewhat difficult. That was the kind of impact my first company had on me. So August 15th,2012 was my new Independence day which gave me my freedom back (from the stressful software job !!! though only for 2 weeks it was a much needed break.) I am back to Hyderabad. I was happy as my family and friends(most of them) are here. It was something I always wanted, to settle in Hyderabad. But it only took me one week to realize that I dint get my freedom back but instead lost it to my parents instead of my job :( .

Life is tough when you live outside your house. My definition of house is where your parents resides. So the beginning months of my Bangalore chapter two years back was really tough. I dint have my parents to take care of every small and big issue of my life. So I slowly got used to the tough situation. But once I did, it was so cool because I am my Boss. I have no one to answer. I can just do whatever I want to. Its a different kind of experience and I loved it. But as it is with all the good things in life, I slowly started to lose interest in that kind of life and started to miss Home. So after two years of great time at Bangalore I resigned just to get back to Hyderabad.

But Headstrong would always hold a special place in my memories because that is where I gained all my confidence with which I could face any challenge that would unfold. Also the colleagues who helped me professionally and always made me feel at ease. I wont say I would miss Bangalore but if there is any city next to Hyderabad that I love it has to be it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My experiments with Poetry...

I was always the odd one out
I was the one that never got picked
I was the one who's always been ignored
I was the one who always wished that I wasn't me....

But then it suddenly occurred to me

I was odd bcoz I am special
I never got picked as the situation dint demand it
I was ignored as I dint truly believe that I could make it
And now I know this is me and it's the way I'd like it to be....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A much needed break ....

Hi folks !!! I know its been a long time since I have posted. But I cant give any 'I am busy' kind of excuses. Because I know that we always take out time for the things we love doing. So instead of getting into reasoning and explanation lets get into what I am good at ;) covering it all up with an amazing experience.

This was somewhere around the beginning of May this year. I was watching Dil Chahta Hai on my laptop and I cant help but remember my best buddies Teja and Raju. Its not like our college days, though we were regularly in touch over phone,we were not finding time to meet each other regularly as each one of us is staying in a different city. So soon after the movie I called them up and asked them when we are meeting again. But this time we wanted to do some thing special as Raju was leaving for IIM C in a months time. So he came up with an idea and that's when we all agreed upon going on a trip to Goa.Also we asked our common friend Jithin to join and thus the plan was fixed. But then as I told its not like our college days we had to manage our leaves and all. Its been relatively easy for me but Teja had to struggle a bit I guess. Then came my another close friend Nishanth(who was supposed to leave to Canada in a months time) into picture. Suddenly one weekend after this plan was made he has visited me and said lets go to Goa (yea you heard it right !!!) I said we cant do anything in two days and explained about our plan. Thats when he too joined with us along  with Kalahar Reddy. So we all booked our tickets and it was during May end this year we took the much needed BREAK.

(Looking at this pic I cant help but remember my Sis's comment. When I uploaded this pic in FB my Sis commented saying 'Its copied from Dil Chahta Hai where is the originality?' and what I dont forget is my quick and clever witted friend Raju's reply to that saying 'Our friendship is original which isnt the case with the movie' :D )

It was a four day plan and we just relaxed in our resort pool on the first day. The weather of Goa was quite hot. But then you cant complain about it,as there are lots of other things which divert you. We just went to beach in the evening to check out the water sports and all. Next day we went for the water sports like Water Scooter Riding,Banana Ride,Paragliding etc. It was great fun. Especially the banana ride where Jithin was literally screaming for life whenever we went down into the water and also Nishanth and Raju got rescues by the sea rescue team !!!(None of them know to swim except me). Next day Kalahar had to leave due to some personal work and we took three yamaha FZ-S's for rent to go around. Our first destination was Fort Chapora where the filming of Dil Chahta Hai took place. More than the fort the view was breath taking. From there we went on to a beach near by. On return to the resort we again jumped into the pool boozing till it became dark again. The next day we had the ride of our life (80 km along the NH-7 which cuts through various rivers and beaches) from Calangute to Colva. It was amazing except for the Traffic Police stopping us for not wearing the Helmets !!! But then we enjoyed a lot. That day it was the last night during our stay at Goa and we thought we should party hard. We went to Bhaga where karaoke night was going on. Though we dint scare anyone with our terrible voices there. We went and shaked a leg for few songs.Later we had dinner on the beach with cool breeze comforting us. Dinner along with Hukka and offcourse other drinks was great. We were enjoying every moment of it and thats when rain played the spoil sport. We took few more breezers and left for the room. There we started just where we left. Amazing dance performances by all of us (especially Raju). Finally the day has come when we have to leave. We did some shopping that day before leaving for the Busstop. That night we celebrated our friend Teja's birthday and it was a nice way to end the trip. But its always painful to end such a memorable trip and to digest the fact that even a break will come to a break at some point of time.

It was the most memorable trip of my life. Actually most memorable for all of us. Soon after that I left for Bangalore,Raju left for Kolakata and Nishanth left for Canada. Dont know when we would meet again. We know the importance of this and that was the reason we never thought about how much we are spending. All we thought was to live that moment thats it. I hope and I wish another such trip will materialize soon in the future. So guys you too plan such things before its too late. And as my recent favourite movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara emphasizes LET YOURSELF GO !!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Painful Experience....

Hi friends !!! Sorry for not being regular on my blog. I am not going to blame it on my busy schedule !!! I was just being lazy :D I cant believe its been 4 months since I blogged. I did lot of things during the se 4 months which I ll share with you people later. But as of now I m gonna discuss about my most painful experience ever !!!.

In February I guess I suddenly woke up at mid night 1 am I guess. It wasn't because of a nightmare but it was because of a nightmare to be pain. My left jaw was paining so much that I couldn't bear it. I couldn't sleep any more and I was waiting for the time to pass so that I can visit a dentist. All this pain was because of my mistake of ignoring a similar pain during November last year. So after surviving the unbearable pain for 5 hours I  went to a dentist only to know that its just a beginning.....

I always was afraid of dentist and all that equipment and that day I had no other option than facing it. I had to sit for 2 hours with my mouth wide open. Dentist was doing the treatment on the decayed part of my tooth and the pain was so extreme that tears rolled out of my eyes. After that day I got to know that I have to come for 6 more sittings of same kind to get it fixed. It was root canal analysis and was dealing with sensitive part of my tooth. It costed me approximately 10k and also I had to go through lot of physical and mental pain.

So friends never ignore any symptoms of malfunction of your body. Otherwise you will be repenting later.