Thursday, December 3, 2009

CAT going Online - A Boon or a Curse???

Well guys I know you people are fed up with the entire discussion that's going on regarding CAT going online and its problems for the past few days but I here wanna discuss it from the student point of view.Being a CAT aspirant myself I am very much disappointed by the way things are going on and its bothering me very badly as its the matter of national pride, its about IIM's . Its really unfortunate to have such technical glitches in such a prestigious exam even though the responsibility has been undertaken by technical giants like PROMETRIC and NIIT .

Before talking about the problems faced by the students I really wanna question one and all.Was CAT ready to go online? Is every student out there is aware of the technology being used?I don't think so.If that's true there wouldn't have been so many problems during engineering and medical counseling when it has gone online.This is because not every student comes from an urban area and not every student is aware of computer.Yea I agree colleges are responsible for teaching them about Internet and its uses but not every one is lucky enough to get educated in a well known institute or at least a normal institute with adequate facilities.I don't understand how a student from villages can learn about these technologies when the institutes can not assure them of proper power supply leave about computers and Internet.OK lets leave students from rural areas.Being from urban background people are still finding it difficult or stupid enough to commit mistakes, what ever you call it.For example I heard from an official at my testing site that a student has unintentionally clicked on "END REVIEW" button which ended his test in 10 mins and the poor guy has no chance of giving the test again.Yes it happened after lots of demo's before the exam and even before the test day.For various reasons I don't think CAT going online was a wise decision.It would have been if it was taken after may be 5 or 10 years down the line.

Now coming to the exam ,statistics say that among 45000 students who were supposed to take test on the first 3 days of the testing window, 8000 had faced problems.Yea that's true and PROMETRIC blames it on virus's.Cant Blame them either its a tough task to conduct an exam online on such a large scale.It wasn't like GRE where there exists few centers and lots of dates to attempt the test.It was easy then because maintenance of infrastructure and conducting tests was a task of gr8 ease than what we have in CAT.Almost 2.5 lakh students had applied for CAT this year and the testing window is very small.But in spite of having technical failures they have to be appreciated for the software, as it was far better and faster than any of those used by TIME or CL etc but unfortunately it wasn't bug free and to add to their difficulties the infrastructure provided by many colleges selected as testing sites were not up to the mark.But they should have thought about all these issues before going for an actual implementation.We have been hearing it from IIM's from couple of years that CAT's gonna go Online.Then what were they doing during these years?

What ever may be their problems but ultimately students are the victims.Already many of them are attending CAT amidst their semester exams,now though the administrators assure them of rescheduling their CAT exam,will it fit into the schedule of the students?So I hope the administrators will learn from their mistakes and would try not to repeat them next time.CAT going Online though an optimistic plan wasn't implemented well.Lets hope for the best at least the next year.But for now CAT going Online proved to be a curse for many and would have been a boon if much effort went into the planning and design stage along with proper implementation.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Only "CENTURY" of my life !!!!!!


Well all those crckt lovers don start imagining !!! The century that I am talking abt isn't the same as wat u ppl r thinking.This is something huge gr8r than any of those centuries made by our little master .Just kidding guys, don take me seriously ,as I am myself a gr8 fan of the all time gr8 Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.Ok then whats my century is all about? if it isn't about cricket and runs ???

Hmmm when I was young I used to be thin and gradually I started to gain weight and after my primary education I can claim that I was having a healthy Body Mass Index. For regular followers of my blog I needn't specify my height again, but for others I do its 6'3" .Due to my height I was always a bit heavier than my peers.But I always used to weigh more or less the same as the ideal weight for my hyt till the age of 12.Ohk u ppl must be thinkin whats this guy upto?what does he want to convey?wats the post name and wat he is talkin about ???? I don't wanna take that frustration of u ppl to the next level:D .What I was talkin abt n tryin to convey till now is my weight.Yes the only "TON" I have crossed in my life is the ton in terms of kgs !!!!!

Yup I have crossed 100 kg mark and as a matter of fact not only crossed it but lived with that weight for at least 2 years I guess.It all started when I was in my 8th class when my mom went out of station and I started eating all kinds of junk food.It was the beginning and I never really got a chance to realize it till my 10th.I dint cross 100 by then but I knew I was over weight .But then came my Inter where I really had very minimum time for all other activities except for studies.Due to this reason I had to stop playing outdoor games like cricket,football etc which I used to play regularly during my school days.So no games,no exercise nothing only studies and I can say house had become just a place to have food and rest and return to coll again the next day.Considering all these facts it was no wonder I crossed 100 kg during my Inter.But the fact is that I never used to care about it like many of us do.I never used to worry about it,I never used to envy people who are fit.Though ppl ranging from my own parents to frnds n relatives used to criticize me I never took them to heart.The reason is how ever we r I believe we must love ourselves first to love anyone else.But later after joining engg and after all the ragging it was after my first year that I finally started reducing my weight.I don no how so don ask.But reduced drastically from 108 kgs to 88 kgs .Ppl even thought that I have undergone some weight reducing therapies.But the fact or at least what I consider to be fact is that I almost stopped taking junk food,I am now regularly involving in some kind of activity which keeps me fit to some extent.Though I am again gaining weight these days,right now I weigh 92kg which is a healthy BMI so no need to worry as of now !!!

So u may think wats the whole point in this post I mean wats in it if I loose or gain weight.But this is for all of them who are obesity victims and feel insecure abt it.I completely understand it.But gaining or loosing weight doesn't tell ppl whats ur real character is and it is the most important factor which has impact on others not ur weight.So cheer up guys :) !!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deepawali-The festival of lights!!!

Hmmm many of us spell it as Diwali but here I wanna stress on Deepawali as the former is used by the North Indians where as the later is used by us.But guys I have no intentions of splitting our country ,its just that I love my mother tongue Telugu way too much....
I am sure for most of us ,in fact not only us but also for any person in India Deepawali is the favorite festival when we used to be kids.The main reason for that is ??? Yea u guessed it right its crackers.As children we r least bothered about all the history behind the festival.All we can see and wanna be is a complete cracker freak :D.So I was no different,so I always used to enjoy to the full extent as I am one of among those kind or grp of ppl who would rather relish the present moment than worry about the next!!!So for every Deepawali I always used to get all kinds of crackers available off course within my budget.I used to be that kind of guy whom ppl would call "OMG he's Crazy or wutt???" as what ever kind of cracker it may be I used to light it in my hands and then throw it when it was almost about to blast.I never thought of consequences if stg goes wrong nor do I used to listen to ppl lecturing abt hw to be careful with crackers....
But on one of the Deepawali's that we celebrated after coming to my present home stg terrible happened which changed my entire way of celebrating deepawali.That nyt I was handling crackers as always and having fun.The mistake I did was having both a Laxmi bomb and an agarbathi in the same hand.I was roaming here and there that I completely forgot abt wt ws in my hand.I suddenly sensed a sound and it was too l8 b4 I realized wt ws happening it blasted in my hand.Yea it pains like hell and I had to go through it for the entire week.That made me realize that who ever suggests u of being careful with crackers does that only becoz they care for u.After that incident I started being careful with crackers.So my friends I wish u n ur family a very happy n prosperous deepawali but while u play with the crackers be careful and make sure that the game is risk free !!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life @ UCEOU

Just a few days back I received a text message from one of my friends which goes like this ........
"4 yrs of fun n joyful clg lyf cums 2 an end next yr der after no silly jokes in d middle of class,no bunkin,no cultural fun,no bits 2 pass, no stupid fights,no ego probs,no sharing's , no teasin wid nick names,no project works ,no profs advice,lecturers blame etc only faded faces,lost frnds fight 4 life there will be no use of regret l8r so frnds 4get al de fights n misunderstandings n njoy de forth cumin days of clg lyf till the core"
This message was special which I couldn't delete,which stayed in my inbox longer than any other message and it would be there even after I pass out, as it may be just a message but it describes our life in short yet complete.
Why I chose to start this post with this message is that ,it reminds me of my initial days in the college,it reminds me of all those good and bad times I had here in my campus,our own Osmania campus which I may not be able to claim as mine after a few months....
Many friends of mine don no that I used to be a perfect example of an introvert,highly shy and a person with lack of confidence in my school days.Though I changed a bit during my Inter,it was in engineering that my life took a complete 'U' turn.Now I could say that I am the complete opposite of what I described of myself just now.What made me change ??? hmmm even I don no but the change took place only after coming to engineering....
I still remember it was 28th August,2006 my first day in UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING(Autonomous) OSMANIA UNIVERSITY(UCEOU),which if not spelt exactly the way I said now students had to go through tough time with seniors here.Yea I know I am one of them now but then even I was a junior with high ambitions for career and fear of seniors.Though due to my physique no one recognized me to be a junior as soon as they did my ragging started.Now don't imagine all the deadly stories you here about ragging these days.Ragging in our campus was not so rude.Our seniors used to just expect us to wear formals,wish them,write assignments for them,entertain them at times with jokes and songs etc .This was for people who used to follow every thing as said but for those who rebel ,it would be even tough.Yea I used to get angry some times but had to adjust otherwise you could never survive here.Most of my ragging used to be during my journey in MMTS train.Apart from ragging meeting and interacting with new friends,attending classes regularly and labs which were a new concept to us then, every thing was fun.Our first year ended with a freshers party followed by our exams....
I don't remember what I did during summer vacation that year, as to me college was more fun than any vacation.Our 2nd yr started and that's when we started bunking classes though we had many half days and free periods we choose to bunk as it gives you some kick :D any ways after waiting for two long months here comes our juniors and we were in full mood of ragging.I still don't understand why do we want to rag even after experiencing how it feels to be ragged.But I can tell you one thing all the incidents of my 1st yr that is all my ragging experiences whenever I remember them ,they bring smile on my face.I actually relish those moments now though not in 1st yr .So I ragged students and I don't think I was rude to any of them.But I can say one thing I am now friends with both my seniors who ragged me and my juniors whom I ragged.Keeping ragging aside we played cricket,basket ball,caroms ,table tennis in our campus which wasn't available to us in our 1st year.We rarely attended classes due to which our cgpa's declined.But giving freshers to our juniors was what I really cant forget.I don no about our juniors but we enjoyed it more than our own freshers.Our 2nd yr ended with freshers party to our juniors .......
3rd yr is considered to be the most important year in the entire 4 year engineering course as all the core subjects are introduced in this year .Also we lost interest in ragging so we started giving presentations,organizing events etc.Bunking of classes reduced and I think we concentrated well enough on our academics.Most of us joined one of the three courses for competitive exams CAT,GATE and GRE .I don no why but I personally felt 3rd yr passed very soon.It ended and even before we could digest that we are in 4th yr now...
Being in 4th yr one cant help about getting thoughts of leaving the college and trust me its really painful.I don no how my seniors managed that, but its really tough for us at least to me.I just cant imagine the moment when I say bye to my college,friends and everything here .I don no how I am gonna go through it.But for now we are busy with our projects and competitive exams so time must pass easily until this year end...
Apart from what I said I dint mention my friend circle I have ok i never counted but let me name them.So with out hurting any ones feeling ill come roll no wise with a short one line descriptions Nishanth(true friend),Gautam(mudu)(programmer),Harish(rarely seen with us),Lakshman(known for his punch dialogs and timing),Bhargav(always skeptical),Mallik(always seen along with a bike),Santosh(cool guy),Vishwak(we call him GOD responsible for good cgpa's of many of us) ,Ratna Paul(highly talented ),Roopak(all-rounder),Sujith(true follower of ???),Sunil(organiser),Rajesh(bowler cum fielder),Sai Gautham(talented),Phani(highly explosive equally cool) and Kishore(innocent boy :P). Yea I know quiet lengthy but we had best of our times together.We watched so many movies together,celebrated many occasions and we played cricket .We had minimum one party a month and I feel great to have such friends with out whom I would not have enjoyed the life the same way I did.Hmmm I know guys, no gals on the list that's what you are looking for right? Ok let me name some of them again roll no wise Apoorva,Pravallika,Sushma,Priyanka,Ramya,Devika,Parameshwari and Snigdha.We help each other most of the times in bunking classes and writing assignments and even watched few movies together . By the time we pass out I hope all of us could go on a tour which would be great if turned into a reality.
So friends as the message said lets enjoy these remaining few months to the full extent keeping aside our egos and misunderstandings love you all....... :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Feeling like GOD!!!!!!!!

People pray ,people worship and people spend their time,money and energy in the name of GOD.I am not against it and to be frank I am one among them, but we rarely realize serving MANKIND is equal to or even greater than serving GOD these are those moments when I felt almost like a GOD ........
I was involved in two programs conducted by Red Cross and I am proud of being a part of them.The first program was a blood donation camp .It was conducted in our college one year ago by the Youth Red Cross (YRC) and many students donated blood which was really appreciable.To explain my experience it was the first time that I was donating blood and to be frank I was a bit nervous.When I saw people on beds donating their blood ,I was even terrified.But finally when it was my chance it went on smoothly.After donating blood they gave us some fruits and drinks which I ignored and for that mistake of mine, I fell ill that evening.So my sincere advice is to have something or the other which gives you energy just after donating blood.People who are underweight shouldn't donate their blood and a person who donated blood should wait for 6 months to donate it again.Now after do's and dont's the feeling that your blood is going to save some one's life is amazing and one must experience it to understand it.In our college itself many people were not coming forward to donate blood just because of their fear of the process involved, but just think if we students do not participate in such activities what about the illiterates??? We are the ones who need to spread awareness among them and its our duty that we first follow it and later lead them .So guys remember that even we are humans and we too would be in need of blood one or the other day and society helps you only when you help the society .So do participate in a blood donation camp whenever possible and you would have a feel that doesn't come to you quiet often.
The second one was some of our college friends went to an orphanage and provided the children over there with note books,clothes and stationery required as a part of a program conducted by YRC.It was one of the summers and the entire atmosphere was of a desert's except for sand and camels.The orphanage was located in city outskirts and there was not even one tree around.The orphanage was a very small building with 3 rooms covered by a shed on the Ceil and only the middle room was provided with a fan which was used by the care taker.And all the children who were about 50 in number, have to reside in the remaining 2 rooms which had no facilities, no luxuries, nothing.When I entered the orphanage I felt that its better standing outside with hot sun directly above me rather than staying inside.That's what made me realize that how lucky I am.Though i had all the facilities and even luxuries I always complain my parents about something or the other and kids over there have to lead their entire life at such a place where I couldn't stay for a while.As it was the birthday of Red Cross founder Sir Henry Davidson we distributed cakes among the kids and the smile on their face was enough to forget our entire struggle.I don't know how much it helped them but I am happy that we made them feel happy at least for a moment.It at least tells them that they are not alone,there are people who care about them.
The aim of this post is not advising you people, its just to explain how much satisfaction you get through these events. Though I never got to do something like them again I at least want to encourage people to do them for a good cause through my blog .So guys just think about it and try to participate in such events whenever you get a chance to.The reason I am posting this is to make people understand that how one feels when they do something for the society and how one feels when they are benefited from the society ,though small in terms it has a large impact on lot of people....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How does it feels to be 6'3" !!!!!!

Hmmm guys by the title of the post it must be clear that I am 6 feet 3 inches tall,but this is not about boasting upon my height or something . I just wanna share my feelings upon being tall.Many of you may be thinking its a boon to be so tall but I even wanna clarify something about it.So I'll give you a slight touch of how it is being tall,large,giant whatever it is........
So friends I don no about gals but when it comes to guys they take their height very seriously .Why is that ?No one can answer, but from my experiences I would say something between 5'10"to 6' is a good height actually we can call it the best.because my height, I would call it over height and I can give you people many reasons like pants of many brands never fit on me due to my height,its very difficult for me to travel in a city bus with or without having a seat due to my height,not even in any small cars like alto,wagonR etc and whenever I walk with my friends I feel awkward, as I am the only one looking abnormal among them due to my height and walking with gals I would better forget about it.But then I also feel that its my height which brings me a celebrity status for example whenever I visit some mall or something of that kind I have lots of eyes looking at me which used to make me conscious b4, but now I am used to it and you need to believe this that some even take pics of mine I don no why!!!!!.I also have lots of friends who beg me to give them a part of my height ,who feel insecure about their height and those who lost their confidence because of their height.So as every coin has 2 sides,every thing has pros and cons even my height has,but then now I am being +ve about my height because at the end of the day no matter what its my source of confidence. Many ask me whats the secret of my height ?I always answer ask my mom :D :P Only reason I feel human is because of my friends teja and monish who are of almost same height as of mine.
So I wont agree with the people who call me lucky about my height but then its better than being short.How ever I am accustomed to the fact that I am tall actually giant and I actually started to enjoy that just after loosing weight otherwise I really used to look 5 years older than I am.So as of now I am OK with my height like not happy nor sad about it.Only matter that is bothering me is that would I ever find a gal suiting my standards ??? ;)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why we never celebrate Vinayaka chaturdhi?

First and foremost I wish one and all a Happy Vinayaka Chaturdhi !!!On this auspicious occasion I wish my friends and their families all the health and happiness:).
As a kid I always used to wonder why I was never allowed to be a part of all the fun where as the other kids of my neighborhood used to set up a Ganesh idol and collect money for that purpose,arrange events, conduct pooja's etc .I always used to miss that.And one day when i was irritated with my mom and about to rebel and join other kids my dad understood my problem and took me aside and explained......
In his words - "I don't know when it started but all that I know is from my grand father's time we never celebrated Vinayaka chaturdhi as if we did, something has gone wrong with one of our family members . My dad never told what all he had experienced but my mom used to tell that its not good for us so forget about it.But like you even me and your uncles were annoyed by the fact that all our friends used to relish the festive season and we used to be gloomy side in the entire season that is from actual festival day to the Nimarjanam.All this happened when we used to stay at Yelamanchili our native place.Once myself and Gani uncle (my uncle-Mr Adari Ganapathi rao) came up with a solution.We thought that we shouldn't conduct all the pooja's at house but its OK if we do that some where outside the house.So we formed a gang with other friends and started to work on arrangements.Gani uncle climbed on to some tree for leaves for decoration purpose from where he fell and fractured his hand!!!!!.When my mom came to know the news she was furious and scolded us for doing what we did. Another incident one day, the next year it so happened that some one asked me for some help for pooja at their house and I thought whats harm in helping others and went for help.When I went there they asked me to bring some thing which was located on a shelf and i need to climb over it to get that.So i took a stool and almost climbed there where I felt a sharp pain and realized that a nail pierced into my foot!!!.From then on I have decided that I would never indulge in any activity that is a part of Vinayaka chaturdhi.Later when we moved to Hyderabad where we used to reside near Golconda we were again foolish enough to try it again, me and my siblings .So we started to set up all the necessary things and then an ambulance arrived carrying my dad who usually never falls ill, suffering from high fever who was perfectly fine when he left for the work.This was a way too much and by now I completely understood why we never celebrated Vinayaka chaturdhi.Then when I was married and left the joint family and moved to BHEL township your mom said that she would attend pooja in some neighborhood.I thought she is from other family so it may not effect her and allowed her to go.As a result even she was hit by a high fever.So now you understand why we never celebrate Vinayaka chaturdhi?"
Though my dad explained it in full detail I was not convinced as we call ourselves the new age guys and all the elders superstitious.Even i thought that way....
When we moved to this apartment of ours the very first year all the residents thought of celebrating Vinayaka chaturdhi and started collecting chanda's for that purpose.My dad was president at that time so he was involved and I participated actively by organizing all the arrangements and we both suffered bad time the entire week next to the festival, hit by fever and unable to move from the bed.So when it happened to me it was clear enough and I never ever tried it again.So it was a big full stop there.Its some thing to do with god's decision we are punished for some sin and our family couldn't enjoy the festival along with others :( .
So guys that's the story behind this so please don't misunderstand me if I refuse to attend some pooja or don't reply to your wishing messages.And I don't even know if its safe to post this ...........

Friday, August 21, 2009

My crush my niece :*

Guys who ever read my intro(hopefully) must have wondered don't I have any siblings ?for them and even for those who don't even know about that post here comes my answer.I have a sister Mrs.Vasudha 5 years elder to me.She is happily married to my brother in law Mr.Arun Kumar. Coming to the point my sister gave birth to my niece who is yet to be named and I just fell in love with her.She was looking sooooooooo cute :* .I just cant believe that I became an uncle,its like a dream.Its been 3 years since my sisters marriage and years just passed like days and here comes my little niece with such a glow with all that shine who is making us realize that we are growing older :( which is a sad thing but yea I am happy for having her.She just looks like my brother in law with a few features of my sister,but believe me guys she s gonna be the most adored girl of her group,class or wherever she s gonna go. May be this would sound a little too much but take your time have a look at her after some 15 or 16 years and then u would definitely agree with me.Its just like another festival at our place and all my family members are in festive mood enjoying her arrival and celebrating it in a grand way.Right now we are in search for good names for my love so folks help me out and give some good names which are both Indian and Hindu .Hoping a good number of responses ill get back to my crush my love my niece :*..........

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moments that scared the hell out of me!!!!!!!

Every person in this world would have across a situation when he/she just manages to escape from the claws of death.It happened thrice in my life.......
For the 1st time in my life I saw how it would feel when u almost left hopes on living.Its a no moon day a festival deepavali and I was in 1st or 2nd standard I guess.Myself and my sister were playing with the crackers like any other kid in our balcony at our residence at that time that is in BHEL township which has a tank filled with water.My sister lit a bhoochakra and it was spinning with sparks which was fun to watch.But then came the other side of the fun,it was heading towards me and as a kid I was scared and climbed over the water tank and as it approached as much as I can feel the sparks I fell into the tank backwards.Though my sister was present there she couldn't lift me as even she was young at that time.My parents were busy with some work and time was running out finally my sister some how managed to get me out of the tank after few minutes. Thanks to her without whom I wouldn't have been left to post this.
Though the above incident was scary enough, as I was too young at that time I managed to forget it quiet easily but it isn't the same with my next experience with the danger......
It was a rainy season,when we shifted to my present house 12 years back.We were one among the few people who shifted to the apartment while others have to still arrive.We had a basement tank which was left unclosed as the apartment work was still going on.It rained a lot for few days and I was missing playing cricket.Finally I gave up waiting and took a ball and bat to play cricket stubbornly in the rain.But none of my friends turned up due to which I was playing the same with a wall.The ball went and fell in that basement tank 2,3 times but I managed to get it with the help of my bat.But while I was trying for the same I lost my balance and fell into that tank.Unfortunately I couldn't swim at that time.No one could here my screams and watchman cant see me.I left my hopes on my life but was wildly pushing the water to stay as long as I could until a hand came to my help which lifted me up.I just couldn't believe what happened.It was a man working on a building under construction beside our apartment who saw me from that building and came all the way to help me out.This incident scared me a lot and I was unable to sleep for many weeks that followed it!!!!!!!!!!
While these 2 incidents occurred when I was in my early childhood the other occurred just 2 years ago........
It was in the winter I guess I was just returning after attending a party of one of my friends birthday party.It was around 8 in the night and I was scared my dad would be angry with me for being late.As it was late in the night there were no vehicles on the road and I was on my top speed around 80 kmph at an average.We know what is the condition of the lights on the main road and as it was night i couldn't see much in that darkness.I was going at a high speed where I suddenly had to apply my disc breaks at that speed as I saw a tractor which had no back lights and can be seen only within the scope of my headlights.That's it my bike slided like in some movie but I some how managed to handle it without crashing.But when I stopped I was just a few inches away from the tractor almost having my back tire lifted up and placed down because of the sudden breaks.That moment I was shocked and stood still for few minutes realizing that I was still alive and thanking god.
In this way I was lucky enough to escape these major dangers I faced and even many other minor ones and I completely thank god for that :)

Confusion !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till date I was wondering why was my life so simple ?I mean I never had problem getting descent marks or getting into a good college and I am sure some one overheard that.Ufffffff pursuing my 4th year now I am struck between placements and my CAT preparation.To add to this comes my hectic 4-1 sem schedule.Oh god plz help me out.The problem is I am unable to concentrate on one leaving the other due to which I am sailing having my foot on two completely different boats traveling in opposite direction.Whenever I have a placement I leave my CAT preparation which breaks the mood and I can never continue with the same pace and have to start it all over again and its the same case vice versa .And for this reason I am losing my confidence.Now due to this problem I am unable to do well in either of the cases.All I can do is watch myself fail in both again and again.I have to forgo one of these to to excel in the other but what should it be?And to add to this comes our project seminars,academics and stuff why don't they understand that one person cant do more than a work at a time unless and until he accepts to be an alien.Why don't they move the CAT date a bit so that it doesn't overlap with our semester exams?and why don't our college take care that companies come in an orderly fashion to pick up students?I Donna when am I going to get rid of this confusion and do well in at least one of these !!!!!!!!!!

Intro - not mandatory but recommended :D

Let me introduce myself a bit I am Adari Raghuveer s/o Mr.Adari Lakshmanrao and Mrs.Adari Vijayalakshmi.My parents are from vishakapatnam my birth place.My father works at BHEL as a senior technician and my mother is a house wife.My grand pa used to serve Indian army due to which he used to travel a lot leaving family and friends.When he retired govt gave him some place located at which is now referred as "Defence colony" near sainikpuri where he has built a house which has saw many memorable events as part of our joint family.Though I was too young to remember any thing it was like heaven for us a joint family with our grand parents,parents,uncles,aunts ,cousins definitely not very different from any saas bahu serial ka set up.But due to some financial problems we moved to BHEL township where I had my schooling in Jyothi vidyalaya high school which was pretty famous at our locality till my 5th but then due to some management problems our teachers dint have their salaries.But I am really grateful to them that they continued to teach without salaries.Whatever I have achieved is due to their blessings.When I was in 4th my dad bought a house which was near to BHEL where we are living right now.During my schooling I used to be very active at sports like cricket,soccer,volley ball and even represented my school in shuttle badminton.I even used to be very good with art.But as soon as entered Intermediate which I did at Narayana Jr coll S.R.Nagar my life took a U turn and i was totally out of all activities which has nothing to do with education.Two years I ate,walked,talked,rocked only MPC and as a result I ended up at University College of Engineering(autonomous) Osmania University which I would call Heaven.I am still pursuing my 4th year there and last 3 years where the most beautiful years which I never wanted to end.Ragging, both being ragged and ragging juniors was fun ant it wasn't the serious one so plz don't file any case against me.Studying was always fun but apart from that all those presentations,sports and events were gr8.This is about me in short :D