Friday, November 13, 2009

Only "CENTURY" of my life !!!!!!


Well all those crckt lovers don start imagining !!! The century that I am talking abt isn't the same as wat u ppl r thinking.This is something huge gr8r than any of those centuries made by our little master .Just kidding guys, don take me seriously ,as I am myself a gr8 fan of the all time gr8 Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.Ok then whats my century is all about? if it isn't about cricket and runs ???

Hmmm when I was young I used to be thin and gradually I started to gain weight and after my primary education I can claim that I was having a healthy Body Mass Index. For regular followers of my blog I needn't specify my height again, but for others I do its 6'3" .Due to my height I was always a bit heavier than my peers.But I always used to weigh more or less the same as the ideal weight for my hyt till the age of 12.Ohk u ppl must be thinkin whats this guy upto?what does he want to convey?wats the post name and wat he is talkin about ???? I don't wanna take that frustration of u ppl to the next level:D .What I was talkin abt n tryin to convey till now is my weight.Yes the only "TON" I have crossed in my life is the ton in terms of kgs !!!!!

Yup I have crossed 100 kg mark and as a matter of fact not only crossed it but lived with that weight for at least 2 years I guess.It all started when I was in my 8th class when my mom went out of station and I started eating all kinds of junk food.It was the beginning and I never really got a chance to realize it till my 10th.I dint cross 100 by then but I knew I was over weight .But then came my Inter where I really had very minimum time for all other activities except for studies.Due to this reason I had to stop playing outdoor games like cricket,football etc which I used to play regularly during my school days.So no games,no exercise nothing only studies and I can say house had become just a place to have food and rest and return to coll again the next day.Considering all these facts it was no wonder I crossed 100 kg during my Inter.But the fact is that I never used to care about it like many of us do.I never used to worry about it,I never used to envy people who are fit.Though ppl ranging from my own parents to frnds n relatives used to criticize me I never took them to heart.The reason is how ever we r I believe we must love ourselves first to love anyone else.But later after joining engg and after all the ragging it was after my first year that I finally started reducing my weight.I don no how so don ask.But reduced drastically from 108 kgs to 88 kgs .Ppl even thought that I have undergone some weight reducing therapies.But the fact or at least what I consider to be fact is that I almost stopped taking junk food,I am now regularly involving in some kind of activity which keeps me fit to some extent.Though I am again gaining weight these days,right now I weigh 92kg which is a healthy BMI so no need to worry as of now !!!

So u may think wats the whole point in this post I mean wats in it if I loose or gain weight.But this is for all of them who are obesity victims and feel insecure abt it.I completely understand it.But gaining or loosing weight doesn't tell ppl whats ur real character is and it is the most important factor which has impact on others not ur weight.So cheer up guys :) !!!!!!!!