Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Week to Remember ....

When I came to Bangalore 3 months back I never thought I would stay away from home for so long. But due to hectic training schedule I couldn't  leave for Hyderabad for three long months. I got used to Bangalore so much that I thought I no longer miss Hyderabad though I miss the people out there. But I realized I was totally wrong when I went on a vacation to Hyderabad for a week on the occasion of Diwali....

Ever since I got my leaves approved for the three days I have applied so that I could spend a full week at my place, I was totally excited about leaving for Hyderabad. The main reason being my darling niece Sreshta :* whom I missed the most. I was also afraid at the same time as I thought she may not recognize me. But to my shock she recognized me the day I reached my house though it took some time. So I was totally into playing with her the entire day. I also realized how much I missed my mom made food....

Next day it was time to meet my friends. As it was Sunday every one was free and we met at chocolate room. We had great time there knowing about how life is going on for each other and also remembering the good old college moments. Though we thought of leaving to home after that, we weren't satisfied spending such less amount of time. So we thought we would go for dinner that night. We went to zaffron exotica that night and the ambiance was great. We had the best time of our lives after so many days.

The next day I wanted to give a party to my family members. So took them to Barbecue Nation where we had great time. The next day was fine but not as much as I expected. But I dint knew that I would have a blast the day after. I met with my college mates on the day before Diwali and god what a night it was !!! Just awesome! Had lots of fun together. Meeting college buddies is fun any time. But as it was too late on that day couldn't  go to home that night. Instead I went to my friend Nishanth's home. My mom was really angry at me as I wasn't there at home on the actual festival day. I reached home some where around 2 pm and jumped on to the specials made by mom as soon as I reached home :D As I lost interest for crackers and stuff , dint go out that night.

From next day I am totally occupied with the thought of leaving home the very next day which became very difficult for me. I truly wished I there was some way for me to stay at home. But no I cant. I made the decision three months ago itself. But the very thought of leaving friends,family and most of all my loving niece was unbearable. The entire day passed like that and finally the D day has arrived. I have to leave that day and I spent some time with my mom helping her with cooking some food items for me to take. I never ever really realized how much my mom and dad loved me before this week. May be all parents do. But I love them for what ever they have done for me. Ill be indebted to them all my life for every thing they have given to me. Finally I left Hyderabad with heavy heart....

Hmmm ever since I returned to Bangalore I am no more the same guy who adjusted to Bangalore quiet easily. Now I am missing my friends and family more than any thing. Every thing changed after that week. It is taking time for me to get used to this life again. Lets see whats there in the store for me in the next few days ...

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Training Days......

Though I was a computer engineer by degree, I always hated to become one soon after I joined my college. Ask my friends and you will know how much I hated coding and stuff !!! Seriously it wasn't my thing !  Don't know why,but may be it was due to my first coding practical which I couldn't forget for my entire life !!! It was a simple C program which was about some files & stuff and I couldn't do it. I was dead scared as I thought I would flunk that practical. Though that didn't happen,it had a powerful impact on my perspective of coding. Since then I was always afraid about those practicals. I never tried to become a programmer.I always tried to look at my friends programs and tried to reproduce them in the practicals. I always believed that I would become very bad software engineer. Though I had above average cgpa, I used to think I don't have that exposure which was required.This feeling of mine made me insecure many times and continued to do so even during the placements.But it was life before last two months....

But today I feel very comfortable with coding after two months of training given by my company. I worked hard for the last two months to gain my lost confidence in programming and yea it paid off. It was like 12 hours a day and 6 days a week training. Even though it was quiet stressful at times, now looking back at those days makes me feel that I haven't lost any thing. I was trained on unix, pl/sql programming for Oracle and Java SE,Java EE . The kind of quality they have maintained in terms of faculty was great though the infrastructure at the institute was exactly the opposite !!! So on the whole I had a nice time during the training and I feel its helping me a lot in my current tasks. Though my current job has nothing to do with the things I was trained on, training gave me the most important thing which was my confidence :)

I have nothing to regret about my training except for one thing. That was missing my niece's birthday because of the hectic schedule :( I wish I could change that one aspect of my life !!!

Any ways I don't wanna end my post on a sad note. Right now I am back to my office and I have lot of flexibility in terms of my time and work. Also I am soon going to leave for Hyderabad and try to pamper my niece. I wish and hope she would forgive me .......

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Home new Home :) !!!

Back to blogging after a long time guys !!! During college days I always used to think that I was busy, but now I know the true definition of being busy when I don't get time to have my breakfast,get a hair cut,wash my clothes and what not ? These things would have not bothered me if I was staying at my place. That's because of our parents. They don't want us to face any kind of uncomfortable situation and that's the reason we take these things for granted. I wasn't an exception . But now that I am out of my safe zone, as a grown up fish out of the pond and into a bigger stream, I can feel the difference between the 'HOME SWEET HOME' and 'HOME NEW HOME'....

Its been a month that I joined Headstrong, evident from my previous post ;) and after a comfortable two weeks at the guest house provided by my company I suddenly realized I have no place to live !!! Though we searched for various options during those two weeks, nothing materialized. But luck favored us(me and Ashwin(my roommate)) as we found a flat in an apartment which was looking pretty good. I can say it was definitely the best among the places we were shown by the brokers here. But as the locality was at the heart of the city, cost of living was very high . But we are ready to take it as it was close to looking like a Home rather than just a set of rooms. The entire process took more than 40 to 50 phone calls to the real estate agents and house brokers. It was a new kind of experience . I used the classifieds for the first time in my entire life :D But the problem with the place was that we couldn't shift for another week as the one residing now wouldn't be vacating till then. That's when I have to face the worst days of my life sleeping in bed placed in the stinking hall as a paying guest. I dint have an option as no one was willing to rent a room for just a week. But we survived for a week some how and we finally moved to our Home on August 9th . It felt as if I had my home back except for my family. Me,Ashwin and Srishti ( final member of our gang :P) had dinner and we called it a day.

I thought I am done with all the difficulties as soon as we shifted. But here comes the new twist and life teaches a new lesson yet again. We just have an empty house which needs to be filled up . We had to list down all the important things (important and urgent ;) !!!) and had to carefully manage the budget as we already spent a lot on the advance of the house and we wouldn't be receiving our salary for at least 20 days from then. I should thank Srishti and her family as they helped us with all the small but basic necessities like bed sheets, iron box and all. But we had to make some arrangements for water(which we were able to do) and look for a maid (which is in pending as of now) , the most difficult part of the journey so far. All these things are effecting our schedule a lot and we already face a lot of stress from our training . But as always I am not among the people who give up. So as of now I am enjoying the most busy and hectic phase of my life !!! Wish me luck guys !!! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First day of my Office !!!

I was totally prepared for joining Infosys on August 2nd. But my life took a U turn last Sunday and I am here at my company's guest house blogging after completing my first day at office :) When I was placed in Infosys at the end of last year it was mentally fixed in my mind that I will definitely join it. Though I attended other interviews later, they never materialized and just after returning from my Goa trip I received mails from Infosys regarding various pre joining facilities. I even started completing the given checklist one by one. But when I came to know about an off campus drive being conducted by Headstrong I dont know why but wanted to attend it. But strangely at that point of time I knew nothing about the company. But I thought lets just give it a try so that I ll have another option in hand whether I join it or not. So I attended it and everything went on smoothly and the process took two days and I was selected :)

Before attending the interview  I wasn't sure whether I would join it . But once I heard our Vice President Mr. Anurag giving a presentation on what the company does and all the other details, I was pretty much impressed. Many people doesn't really know about Headstrong but let me share few facts about the company. It is majorly an IT consulting company which offers the business solutions for various verticals(domains). Headstrong, a consulting firm formed in 1981 merged with Techspan, an outsourcing company to form Headstrong in 2004 which gives equal priority to both consulting and outsourcing. It is one of the fastest growing firms experiencing a growth of more than 30% a year since 2006. Headstrong has been rated the No. 1 overall vendor in Financial Markets Information Technology Outsourcing by the Black Book of Outsourcing®. It is either ranked No 1 or No 2 in what ever domain it is working, not less than that. A company can be judged on the kind of clients it has and Headstrong stands out even in that with clients like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Citi, RBS and many other major investing banks.
So apart from the company details, whats in it for me ? Many of my friends even asked me to prefer Infosys. But the thing is I loved the way people treated us through out the off campus drive which was not the case with the Infosys. Moreover during my personal Interview with our HR Mr.Murali, we discussed a lot about the company and also compared it with Infy. From that discussion I have learnt one thing for sure , I would have great exposure here and also lot of scope for gaining knowledge and growth in my career. Also I dint want to get lost in a bunch of crowd where no one takes care of who is who and what are my interests. Yea pay was major issue which is more here but what I loved the most on joining them today is the work culture their. They follow a flat structure where our managers also sit with us and can be called by their names rather than Sir or Maam. The people over there doesn't go by the company name:P in any ways moreover they were really warm towards all our queries. Our office occupies the 5th floor of the Salarpuria Touchstone, a techno park. The look itself is very refreshing and I loved it. We went through various form filling formalities and had our bank accounts opened at RBS. So that's it for today don't know whats in store for me for the next few days. But I am hoping for a roller coaster ride. The training starts from this Monday and lasts for 12 weeks and I am all excited to receive my personal ID, official email ID, company bag, pen whatever it is. The entire experience was awesome.

To know more about Headstrong refer :

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 4 - The most thrilling day of my life !!!

Day 4 was the most memorable and thrilling experience of my life. We wanted to visit Doodhsagar waterfalls that day and started as early as possible for us. It was quiet far from Calungute(90 Km) and it took more than 2 hours to reach there. Added to this hectic journey it was raining cats and dogs outside. Somehow we reached there and after certain distance they said only bikes could go through and that too only they will ride. We thought the rates weren't reasonable and hence started in our scorpio to check out the route. Only me, Kalahar, Sunil, Paul, Sai, Bhargav and most importantly our saviour of the day Nishanth started in scorpio. Nishanth was driving and unlike his natural attitude he was quiet tensed as he is feeling responsible for our lives. As soon as we started we came across a river which has to be crossed in order to proceed further. Though the width and depth is less it’s difficult for scorpio to cross it. It was struck in the middle of the river in our first attempt and somehow crossed it in the second. And the best part comes now: P We didn't know the area we are breaking into was part of National Wildlife Park. We came across a toll gate which was locked. But Kalahar King: P wasn't a person who would accept defeat: P he went there and tried to open it. We thought he has gone crazy and turned our scorpio backwards, but to our shock he broke opened the lock with his hands alone: O Again the adventurous feel crept through us and we went in. But too our disappointment this time we came a across another part of river which cannot be crossed as water was flowing very fast. So we have to turn back then and there. While coming back we saw people screaming at us to stop. We dint understand at the beginning, but later recognised them as the forest officials and realised they are on us due to the lock issue!!! We wanted to escape and hence dint stop. But they followed us running behind us. We came across that river that we crossed in the beginning and we couldn’t help but stop in the middle of it again. That is where they caught us!!!!!!
Here begins our struggle as we started our efforts for escaping. They were quiet angry at us as we dint stop when they were asking us to. But we said we mistook them for robbers. Then they asked why we broke the lock. Kalahar spontaneously lied that we dint break it but someone from the red jeepsy did. We had no other option but to continue the same story. But the head of those officials said he just passed the tollgate and it was closed when he passed and no one except us followed and moreover he told there is another tollgate on the other side so the red jeepsy can’t escape if at all they really exist. Meanwhile we requested them to let us cross the scorpio which was struck in the middle of the river as the flow of water is increasing due to rain, to which they agreed and we crossed it. I was walking in and out of the rivers and forests all alone to call others or help others which was quiet scary as it was raining at the forest was very dense. But somehow Kalahar managed the situation after two long hours by making his uncle talk to the officials who was some minister of Goa. Later those people left us after taking a statement that we would never repeat such thing. Finally we were out of it after 2 n half hours. Our rest of the friends were really angry with us as they have to wait for so long and also for breaking the lock. But I personally felt it was thrilling and once a lifetime experience. Finally we went back to our rooms after a really stressful day. That night again we three(Nish, Kalahar and me) went to a dhaba which was awesome. The entire look and feel was great. Finally we reached our room all tired!!!

Zest at its best !!!

It was never like before. I never experienced freedom in its pure form as I did during those five days. Those memorable five days are the part of my Goa tour with my engineering mates which I would cherish for the rest of my life. Due to sudden planning we dint get our train tickets reserved and as a result we had no other option but to go by bus. I have serious issues with bus journey as it is very uncomfortable for a person of my height. I some how managed for that night.Our friends(Roopak,Sunil and Phani) bought the food, which was simply delicious. I had a troubled sleep due to the uncomfortableness, but as soon as I woke up I don't wanna complaint any more as I was awestruck by the beauty of the scenic out there. I suddenly felt as if I was at some hill station as the bus progressed through the beautiful curves of the mountains with clouds amidst them.

As soon as we reached Panaji the capital of Goa, we went to Calungute, a beach which is said to be the most eventful one amongst all the others. As my friend Nishanth was a regular customer of a hotel called Acanova :P ,we got rooms at very reasonable rates and we stayed there for the rest of our tour. We were a total of 11 friends (myself, Nishanth, Lakshman, Bhargav, Santosh, Vishwak, Paul, Roopak, Sunil, Sai Goutham, Phani) and Kalahar joined us from the next day. On the first day we just relaxed, went to beach,played cards and finally went to pub where we danced till our legs ached :D it was almost 5am when we reached our rooms.Naturally we woke up late next day and again went to beach. Thats when Kalahar joined us. We played beach volley ball that evening and must say it was great fun. That night only myself,Nishanth and Kalahar went to pub where as the others had dinner at the beach shore where we joined them later at 2am or so. That night the sky was totally clear and all the stars were visible and cool breeze was there to accompany us as we chatted till early in the morning. Day 3 was full of fun as we took a swift and scorpio for rent and was roaming on Goa streets as if they belonged to us. We went to few churchs and then fort Agoda, which was awefully awesome!!! Then we went on cruise ride which was boring. That night yet again its pub time :P
Day 4 will need a seperate post to be explained and finally Day 5 we have done some shopping and that night again we three went to Baga beach. Had nice fun at the reastaurant on the beach shore. We were totally drunk that night. In the middle of the waves with a breezer in the hand, clear sky, full moon and cool breeze !!!!! Thats what I call life is !!! That night felt really great !!!

Next day we have to start early in morning to catch the train and we could finally see the Doodhsagar falls from the train. Again the scenic was great and the train journey was all nice except for waiting time at the Guntakal junction(4 hrs). On the whole Goa was great !!! It gives you the feel of both a hill station and a coastal area simultaneously. It is the perfect destination for party lovers and the chicks are real hot. I would suggest Goa for all those friends out there looking out to have great time with their pals.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Education for ALL !!!

I always wondered why aren't we called a developed country? Or what are the reasons that are stopping us to be called so? The answers include a long list of problems, but the important ones are corruption, over population, illiteracy etc But according to me the main problem is always illiteracy. Because education gives you confidence and helps you lead a comfortable life. Also it'll make you realize the various problems existing and also how to face them. It plays a key role in our personality development and helps in our decision making, what is good and what is wrong. Good education can reduce all the other problems we are facing today to a large extent if not completely. But providing quality education at affordable rates has become the major problem today. And this is the solution I propose to provide EDUCATION to ALL !!!
We accept it or not Education has become costly and it is not easy for government to provide it to large number of students. It is even difficult in an over populated country like India. Most of the government schools lack existing today are not upto the mark and lack in proper infrastructure and well trained faculty. If we look at the costs that make up the total education cost we mainly have two costs. Cost of infrastructure and Cost of people working including faculty and others. But cost of infrastructure is fixed and once bought we need not bother about it for a span of atleast 10 years. So it is relatively less when we compare with fee to be paid to the faculty and other staff. So our problem will be solved if we try to reduce this cost.

NGO's are playing the major role in the over all development of the country and from what I have seen from all the pre-placement talks of the companies that visited our college, they are having tie ups with one or two NGO's and are interested to help the society in whatever way they could. Now all we need is to make the process organized and see to that every one participate in it. First we have to talk to the government and ask them to provide us the required infrastructure or else we can use the already existing government schools and remodel them. Then we need to talk to the leading companies to have tie ups with this program, so that they ll have to send few of their employees daily to teach for one hour. As we know most of the companies hire the top students they would be able to teach with minimum training. As the employees will be teaching for free there would be great reduce in the fee thereby increasing the number of children who get quality education. This entire process may sound easy but need an effective implementation to make it work successfully.

Basically we need an NGO to take up this project. So friends if you like the Idea and feel that this may work, do suggest few NGO's which are into education field and also try to give as much as publicity to this idea. I would like to work myself with the NGO if this materializes.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cureless Disease !!!

Don't go by the title of the post ! I am not talking about HIV or AIDS . The disease I am talking about is far more dangerous and no doctor nor scientist has found a cure. It is quiet famous yet people don't realize that they have been infected !!! It is known by many different names. Most importantly it has many forms. However small or big may be the country but it is affected by at least one of its forms. Confusing ??? Hmmm yea should be. As even you may have it but you don't yet recognize and don't even consider it as a disease. Friends I am talking about DISCRIMINATION on basis of prejudice !!!
This is known by different names like Racism, Religionism, Regionalism, Sexism, Castism etc. We have seen what racism does in Australia. Our students have to face lot of problems due to racism. India is known for Unity in Diversity. But how far is that true? Are we living upto that statement? Its true that we have lots of religions, and people who speak different languages are coexisting together. But is the harmony prevailing between them? If that is true, Why would the riots take place? Why would a party whose solo agenda is religionism would rule our country? We discriminate people on the basis of religion here but you would get to experience the same in the places like Australia.

Coming to Andhra Pradesh today we are facing two main problems, Regionalism and Castism. People want to divide the state into three just for their political benefits. But a more serious problem is Castism. Parents themselves influence their children and propagate this disease to them. They ask their children to only be friends with their caste people or don't mix with lower caste people and etc. They treat other caste people as enemies and lower caste people as untouchables. And sexism exists every where. No matter what men are always better than women. 

All these problems are only due to the misconception of the people. They have a serious superiority complex. Men always believe they are superior to Women, Whites believe they are superior to Blacks, people who rule believe they are the best and people who are well educated have their own issues. People often forget that castes are formed based on the occupations. Why don't they understand that we all are the same at our heart. Why do they need to give more importance to race, color, sex, caste etc rather than their character? Not only our country but all the countries are being effected by this disease. So strict laws must be filed against this. Political parties should be punished severely whenever they support a particular set of people. No discrimination should be tolerated. Parents and teachers should teach children that all are equals. And the day every one in the world considers every other person as his equal we need not have any boundaries made and the entire world becomes one happy home !!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

New look !!!

This is for all my fellow bloggers out there. I know like me many of you must be tired of the same old templates that are available in blogger. Finally here comes the new templates for our rescue. The one you are seeing in my blog is one of the latest templates released by blogger. Now it has become difficult to choose from the wide variety of options available. Here is the link to change the look of your blog .

On going to the site mentioned we ll be given a new option of  Template Design in the Layout section of the settings where we can find 15 new templates and we can even change the background of the blog. It has provided us with wide variety of images to select from. We can customize the look of our blog by selecting from various layouts available. We can adjust the colors of all the 15 templates according to our taste. In the layout we can adjust the width of our blog. And the best part of these new templates is that we can add new CSS styles to our templates.

So friends lets give our thoughts a new look with these new templates. Give it a fresh feel which we are lacking since ages !!!

The actual story behind the FOOL's Day !!!

Many of us make fools of each other on this day,1st April of every year, but never bothered to know the story behind it. That may be due to the last wish of a loosing lover who's tragic story ended on the same day !!! It was a fairy tale which wasn't fair enough !!! Just spend few minutes to go through the story before you start making fools around coz you may not continue doing it after doing so....

Once upon a time there was a period when no boundaries existed to separate continents nor religions or languages separated the people, where every person in the world were living with each other in peace and harmony. The king was very generous and the queen was known for her kindness. There wasn't any crime existing in his reign. It was a happy kingdom where every one cared for every one and no evil prevailed. The only matter that worried the people and the king was lack of the male heir who could inherit his thrown. There wasn't any holy place that the royal couple didn't visit. They performed all the rituals ever known to any priest. Finally on a fine day their dreams came true and the queen gave birth to a beautiful boy.The prince was having a special glow and charm to him which made him attractive to every one. The people of the kingdom celebrated the occasion and the king has invited every one for a feast where he has declared the prince as their future king!!!

The prince was bought up well. He excelled in all the skills required for him to rule the kingdom. All the people were waiting eagerly for the prince to be declared as a king. But the kingdom has a tradition that a prince can be declared as a king only on the day of his marriage. For the same reason the king started searching for the beautiful and intelligent girls who could become the future queen of the kingdom. But the prince liked no one. Every girl was lacking some thing or the other and the prince wasn't satisfied with any of them. Time was passing faster than ever and the prince was getting impatient. One fine day a girl came from the far away lands seeing whom the prince fell in love at the very first sight. He proposed her immediately. The girl was beautiful and tender. She hesitated in the beginning but accepted his proposal on knowing that he was the prince. But she kept wondering whether she had made the right decision. Even before she got her answer she was married to the prince and the prince was declared the new king of the kingdom.

Though the prince was happy marrying the girl he loved,he was always doubtful about whether the girl loved him back or not?One day when he returned to the palace from the court he was handed a cover which was from his wife. The subject of the letter revealed that his wife never loved him but married him only for the fear of her life. How ever she met a guy whom she really loves and so she is going away with him. The prince was devastated and couldn't digest the fact that his wife had left him. As a result of this he committed suicide leaving a letter for his parents which asks them to declare that day,1st of April as FOOL's Day for all those fools who fell in love...

But what he doesn't know was the fact that his wife did it just for the sake of  fun and didn't have any intentions of leaving him. Just after her marriage she fell in love with the prince. She thought she would give him a surprise bye proposing him back on the same day when they met for the first time. Just to add little spice to her surprise she left that letter. But on listening to the news of her husband's death even she committed suicide....

This is the tragic story behind the FOOL's Day. So just think for a moment before fooling some one ....

P.S. Nothing written in the above post is true. If you felt it was true I am sorry to say that you are fool... :P


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love my college but....

University college of Engineering (Autonomous), Osmania University is the oldest and biggest among the Engineering Colleges of the state of Andhra Pradesh and it’s the 6th Engineering college to be established in the whole of British India. We started out great, we used to have best faculty and our alumni made us proud by attaining great achievements and positions where ever they went. People consider it as an honor to be part of our college and give us the students of OUCE a status. But where do we stand today??? Why isn't it given the status of an IIT or NIT. What’s stopping us to compete ourselves with the IIT's and NIT's. What is it that makes IIT's and NIT's a better option for corporate companies???I don’t know the exact reasons. But what I consider are...

1. Poor Infrastructure: This is one of the main reasons. Come on guys’ world is changing faster than ever and we are still stuck up with the same old methodologies. For example take our chemistry lab for example. Why aren't we using electronic weighing machines instead of those time consuming antique pieces. Why can’t we move with the changing technology???
2. Syllabus: How often does our syllabus reviewed and modified. Like if a person studies at OUCE it may not be shocking news if even his son/daughter studies the same syllabus. We must include all the ongoing research and upcoming technologies into our course so that we can accustom to the corporate lifestyle as soon as possible. Most of the things taught in our syllabus are no longer used in the real world. What’s the use of studying them? For example COBOL which is no more used. Every other company out there asks for .NET but I don’t understand why they don’t include it in our syllabus.
3. Faculty: Only best students of our state get a chance to get a seat in our college. Our college expects a standard from students. But what happens to the same standards when it comes to faculty??? One of the reasons they doesn’t update our syllabus is that it becomes tough for our faculty to get accustomed to the syllabus first. I agree there are also great professors who are very good at subject but if people with low standards teach us our core subjects automatically our standards fall. We lose interest and that’s how bunking starts!!! Some lecturers though have great subject knowledge have very poor teaching skills. What I suggest is even they should be having certain workshops to improve themselves. We don’t come to this college to have one or two good professors, we expect every professor to be good. We worked hard for it and we deserve it. Why should we learn Java from outside institutes????
4. Students: Even students are responsible for the present situation of our college. We don’t attend classes, we don’t utilise the resources we have properly, politics are more important to us than our studies, we copy, and we cheat. Actually as soon as we enter engineering we forget that the reason we are here is to study. Everything other than engineering seems to be important to us. Poor infrastructure, syllabus and faculty aided to it. We don’t have any time for recreation in our schedule and that makes us to reschedule the time available.
5. Exams: Like the standard of our syllabus our exams also maintain the same pattern. We can easily pass if we are thorough with the questions of last few previous year papers. Our evaluation .... don’t ask !!! If you write well you get less and if you fake well you get more. Finally our marking system is a great confusion. They call it cgpa but it isn’t the actual cgpa. It’s just your percentage by ten.
6. Others: This list goes on and on. Osmania is the head quarters for any political issue in the state. Telangana issue is still going on. Day scholars and Hostellers feeling. Lack of quality cultural and technical fests. Lack of proper sports schedule. Lack of personality development programmes. Lack of communication skills among the students etc

I am not blaming my college alone but I am blaming everything related to it along with myself which needs to improve. Unless and until these issues are resolved our college could never progress. Already it lost the status of No.1 College in our state to NIT Warangal. If this continues the situation gets even worse. For now and ever I am an Osmanian and as an Osmanian I would like to see my college as No.1 in the country. I want every college in other countries or our country to prefer us over any other college for further studies. I want to gain our reputation back. Let’s see how far we could be successful in doing that !!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

1411 - a number of ambiguity !!!

Yup it’s true. The number being publicized by the authorities as the number of wild Tigers left in India isn’t accurate enough. As this number was proposed 2 years back & above 100 Tigers have been killed during last two years. According to some wildlife conservationists the figure might be somewhere between 1000 and 1100. This itself shows that our National Animal is in great danger and as responsible citizens of India it is our duty to protect them from the danger of extinction as it happened with cheetahs in our country.

The demand for Tiger parts is huge in foreign countries and the rural people living in the neighborhood of the natural habitat of the tigers kill them for their livelihood. They receive very little amount for the Tiger parts as compared to their true value in the foreign markets. We can understand that if at all we can provide them with some other means of employment, they wouldn’t involve in such crimes. But how could these people possibly trade with the mafia outside??? This is the question of million dollars. This itself shows that many officials are involved in this illegal activity of tiger trafficking and poor local people are being utilized for their own benefits. Government should conduct some awareness programs to make the people realize what kind of crime they are committing by killing tigers and possibly provide them with some optional employment like forest guides.

The demand for Tiger parts shows how much man had transformed into animal. On acquiring all the basic necessities of life man has started running behind luxuries. Its fine if we claim for luxuries until and unless we aren’t harming someone whether its human or animal or our eco system itself. Tigers parts such as its skin, head and bones are bought by mindless mad rich people who want them just for the purpose of showcasing their status nothing other than that. But they aren’t realizing that Tigers are the part of our ecosystem which are protecting our forests to certain extent. If all the wild life species become extinct, then people start deforestation which will affect our own ecosystem and makes our own sustainability difficult on Earth. Earth belongs to more than 1.6 million species not alone to humans and every species has the right to live on earth as much as we do. The extinction of any species effects the balance our environment as it breaks our food chain or food webs thereby causing another species to become extinct.

The immediate steps to be taken by government/citizens of India are :
1. Make as many people as possible aware of the problem.
2. Avoid Fragmenting of natural habitats of Tigers.
3. Provide the local people with some means of employment.
4. Increase the number of forest Tiger protection staff.
5. Introduce strict laws regarding the punishment of the people involved with Tiger trafficking.

So at least now let’s realize and cause awareness towards this issue to as many as possible. Every small involvement helps a lot. What can you do??? People interested check out
Save our Tigers.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A different Exam !!!

Few days back one of my college friends asked me if I could volunteer to write an exam for the students who are visually challenged organized by some student wing of Rotaract. Though I wanted to, I was a bit hesitant as the schedule of the exams wasn't convenient for me. The only possible date I could make it possible is Feb 4th and even that wasn't easy for me as the date falls between my travels to Pune and Tirupati. But then not only I wanted to help a student write his exam but also I wanted to experience how do they actually manage to learn and write exams. So Feb 4th was fixed....

But when I returned from Pune I started to get nervous. The reason is that I don't know which subject I am going to write and I don't know if I could actually write it well by understanding what the student says and moreover I could never forgive myself if the student fails because of me. With these many uncertainties in my mind I went to the center. To add to my problems the center was at Ranigunj and I don't know the route. After many phone calls and help from the pedestrians,auto drivers etc I some how managed to reach the center. On reaching the center I was told the subject was commerce and my nervousness reached to a new level as I have "ZERO" knowledge about the subject....
But god came to my rescue and the girl who said it was commerce was wrong. It was civics and I was OK with it.Also the exam isn't final its pre final knowing which I felt normal again. The name of the student for whom I was writing the exam was T.సైదులు that's how he spells it. He isn't blind completely but he has some problem with the nerves so his vision is blurred. My first compliment for my handwriting came from my student companion :) He said he likes cursive handwriting but he couldn't write that way. He is from Nalgonda and has two siblings. When a boy came supplying tea for every one I dint take it. But as my friend Saidulu insisted on tasting it I did and it was tasting good actually. Finally the question paper was given and when read out the questions unfortunately he doesn't know the answer for even one. With my school knowledge I managed to write some answers and then every one was helping every one in the hall. So some how finished the exam.I hope he gets decent marks.
But the best part comes now. After the exam every one came to me asked my name and introduced themselves. The names of the students were Saidulu, Venkanna, Aditya , John, Prakash, Ravi. One of them was moving his arms over me and was wondering about my height. He even asked me why dint I go for IPS. Guess what was the hot topic over there??? Off course Telangana. As I come from OU they were questioning about the situation over there. Majority of people were from Telangana and all of them want a separate Telangana. When I said my native was Vizag but was bought up entirely at Hyderabad. They asked me about my views about Telangana. I said I am happy either ways and it doesn't matter to me. Then they took my number and left.
After completing my little chat with the students I was given a certificate for what I have did. I dint expect it nor do I want it. Actually the self satisfaction I got from the entire experience was more than enough for me. But it was their way of encouraging students to help the society in what ever way they can. Even the reason I am posting my entire experience is to encourage people to do such things. I would feel extremely happy if at least one person gets motivated by my post. Lets hope for the best !!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

24 hours @ PUNE

Finding an accommodation at midnight 1am, struggling with the geyser wherein the water was either too cold or too hot, attending the GDPI process for SCMHRD, dealing with the auto driver who mistook the address given, relishing the Pune cuisine, watching movie at E square, shopping at Pune malls which wouldn't run after 9pm, persuading an uninterested auto driver to take us to railway station, having dinner at an awesome 24 hour restaurant at railway station which is busy 24x7 no matter what the time and day it is, surfing till 12 am at railway station and finally taking the 1 am train back to Hyderabad which was 15 mins late. Every thing happened in the busiest,craziest and thrilling 24 hrs of my life....

When I took the train at Begumpet at 2:45 pm the previous day along with my friend Roopak Bhartee I was only worried about the GDPI stuff and for the same reason I couldn't sleep. I was awake till we reached Pune passing the time by listening to songs. I must say we were lucky enough to find an accommodation within 20 mins and we went to bed immediately. But I have a very serious problem. I actually couldn't sleep whenever there is some very important event next day. So the same repeated and I couldn't sleep well even in hotel. I woke up at 7 am and both of us dressed up formally and left the hotel at 9:30 am after struggling a lot with the tie :D The process venue was International Convention Center and it took 20 mins to reach there. We had our breakfast at the venue and the process started exactly on the given time. Here I couldn't stop myself from praising the entire SCMHRD team for managing the entire process wonderfully. It was smooth, on time and the volunteers were very friendly. My GD was OK where the topic was a case study wherein we need to select best ad campaign amongst given four and I must say my PI went on very well. The entire process completed in 2 hours and we left immediately.

Here comes the trouble,the auto driver mistook the Barne road for Baner road and took us in a different direction. Luckily Roopak recognized that we were on wrong route and we could correct him soon. As we were hungry we first went to a bar&restaurant which was near our hotel where people were boozing like hell. I was a bit hesitant about having my lunch there but cant help as I dint have enough strength and stamina to find a new one. We ordered some naan and curry and to my utter disbelief the taste was amazing and I loved it. So the bottom line is never judge a place by its ambiance :D Then we went back to our hotel,where after freshening up and relaxing for some time we checked out.

Initially we thought of visiting some well known places locally but couldn't go with the idea as we were too exhausted to roam along with our heavy luggage's. So preferred to watch a movie instead. We went to E-square,a multiplex and watched Ishqiya which was good except for the tough language which was difficult to understand. Once done with the movie we thought of going to malls nearby and were shocked to know that malls at Pune close by 9:30 pm on week days. So we did some quick shopping and again to add to our problems no auto driver was willing to take us to railway station. We some how managed to lure an auto driver by paying him extra and finally we reached railway station by 10 pm. We had our dinner at Comesum restaurant which according to them was the fastest growing food chain in the country and I couldn't help but agree. The food was great and the menu has wide variety of items and most importantly its available 24x7. It even had net center and it was a great way to spend time while waiting for our train. When the train arrived finally at 1:30 am we slept immediately only to wake up at 10 am in the morning and we reached Begumpet at 12 pm.

The entire journey was a great experience and I had loads of fun. And if I convert my call (hopefully),it would be the most unforgettable day of my life till date.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whats happening ???

Guys I m neither in favour of Telangana nor against it. But what the hell is going on at our OU campus??? I mean why cant they just leave the issue to the government and the political parties??? Is it really worth their careers? Is it really gonna change their lives for ever??? Are they really gonna benefit from all this crazy stuff going on there???I don't think so...

Students are being used by various political parties for their own benefit and I don't even wanna talk about the student organizations who never bothered about the student problems in reality. For the student leaders the entire student problem thing has become a joke and all they know and want is using the entire education system as a ladder for their political progress. If they really bother about students and the very reason for the foundation of such groups was to address the student problems, they would never allow people to make OU campus as the head quarters of all the Telangana based agitations. They any way never bothered about student problems but at least don't be the cause of the problem man!!! When political parties have no issues , why the hell do you want to postpone our exams??? Our exams have been postponed for the 6th time and we don't know in what way is the entire agitation thing is related to our lives. Its really irritating to have exam postponed and whats even more irritating is going through that experience for 6 times guys !!!

Our government has failed completely to restore peace at our campus. Cant blame them as our govt has been under gr8 chaos since the tragic death of our beloved former chief minister Mr. Y.S.Rajashekhar Reddy .But why cant our principal solve these problems by some simple methods??? Why don't he just move our exam center to some safe place and continue with the exams??? Already a 2 month gap has been formed in our academic year and I really don't want this to continue. If this postponement of exams goes on like this and our academic year gets abolished. Whats the situation then??? People who are placed have to sacrifice their jobs and people who have managed to get a seat in prestigious institutes for further studies by means of gr8 hard work and efforts have to sacrifice their hard earned seats. Is that what all these student organizations wish to happen???Isn't the students lives being effected??? That means the so called student organizations who call themselves to be the only support of students under any situation are actually spoiling the careers of hundreds or may be even thousands of students !!!

I don't know when would this entire issue settle down but I m really worried about my fellow mates. I don't think formation of Telangana would change the lives of students in any way and even if it does the scale would be very small. So lets not spoil our lives for such silly things and let the people worry about their jobs and as students our job is to study,so lets just concentrate on it leaving all other matters to respective authorities!!!So lets just free our selves from all such issues !!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Experiments with MBA exams !!!

First and foremost I am sorry for copying the name of autobiography of our Father of the Nation ,but I couldn't come up with a better name !!!!
Well I was a CAT aspirant and was preparing for the same since past few months.We all know how tough the exam is and I know how worst my preparation was.For that reason I applied for many other MBA exams along with CAT as a backup plan so that one or the other may work out.So the list goes like this IIFT,CAT,JMET,SNAP,XAT and FMS .These are the exams I experimented with.CAT was the only exam which I took seriously and wrote many mocks and though not satisfied with my preparation I could say it was average.But the other exams I don't even know the format of the papers nor the previous year cut-offs and how many questions should I attempt to be in a safe position.This post is not to tell you guys how I wrote nor to tell how should you prepare the next time but its for explaining the mistakes I did which I want no one to commit the next time.
Nov 22nd was the 1st MBA entrance exam of my life and it was IIFT.The problem with IIFT is the time factor.Paper was tough and given time is no way sufficient.To add to our problems there is GK which I guess very few freshers could answer except if he or she is very good follower of our news channels and news papers.The marks allocated for each question is very confusing and we don't understand how many questions should we attempt to clear cut-off’s .To clear IIFT one should read news paper daily and should be very accurate and should utilize time efficiently which I dint and therefore dint clear the exam.

Nov 29th was the date fixed for CAT.As you all know CAT went online and they gave students the choice of choosing the date. I chose this date as I want it on a Sunday. Luckily I dint have any problems during the exam as some of my friends faced and the paper was easy. But the problem is easy papers could give you great scores but not great percentiles as the paper is easy for every one.

My next exam was JMET and it was on Dec 13th .I don't know why but I was not at all serious with this one and I went to the exam hall with out any preparation. But after the exam I repented for it as the paper was easy and writing mocks would have helped me in my time management.I did OK in the exam but could have done better.

SNAP was on Dec 20th and again I went with out any preparation but my confidence was high as when I checked out some previous SNAP’s questions ,they were of my kind which I could do and I am good at. General knowledge was better than IIFT as its more of mixed questions which even covers sports,entertainment etc where as it was completely business oriented in IIFT. So some how I managed to do well. But the only mistake I always commit in almost every exam is I get struck with one section and the due to lack of time I’ll screw up another section. Same happened here and I screwed up Verbal section.

Jan 3rd it was my XAT exam and by this time it must seem obvious to you that I must have gone to the exam without preparation and its true :D . But I must say XAT was the toughest of all the exams I have attempted and the time was so less that I screwed up it completely . It was my worst performance of the year I guess.But wanna advice you guys that we can write any exam without preparation but not XAT.

Even after having a shock treatment with XAT I went to my last MBA entrance test of the year ie FMS exam without preparation yet again.Exam was neither easy nor tough. Quant and Logical Reasoning were very easy and RC’s and Verbal sections very tough and here comes the great prob 200 questions 2 hours was the format .I did according to the difficulty level.Hope for the best.

From my experiments with these exams I have learnt few things which I wanna share with you guys.
- Prepare for any one exam perfectly so that you could live in peace during other exams(mostly it would be CAT).
- Read News papers(I know u do ). Read other articles along with your regular sports,entertainment and page 3 articles.
- For people weak at Verbal section like me its better start reading some novels .

That's all I have got folks hope you guys find it interesting and informative .....