Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whats happening ???

Guys I m neither in favour of Telangana nor against it. But what the hell is going on at our OU campus??? I mean why cant they just leave the issue to the government and the political parties??? Is it really worth their careers? Is it really gonna change their lives for ever??? Are they really gonna benefit from all this crazy stuff going on there???I don't think so...

Students are being used by various political parties for their own benefit and I don't even wanna talk about the student organizations who never bothered about the student problems in reality. For the student leaders the entire student problem thing has become a joke and all they know and want is using the entire education system as a ladder for their political progress. If they really bother about students and the very reason for the foundation of such groups was to address the student problems, they would never allow people to make OU campus as the head quarters of all the Telangana based agitations. They any way never bothered about student problems but at least don't be the cause of the problem man!!! When political parties have no issues , why the hell do you want to postpone our exams??? Our exams have been postponed for the 6th time and we don't know in what way is the entire agitation thing is related to our lives. Its really irritating to have exam postponed and whats even more irritating is going through that experience for 6 times guys !!!

Our government has failed completely to restore peace at our campus. Cant blame them as our govt has been under gr8 chaos since the tragic death of our beloved former chief minister Mr. Y.S.Rajashekhar Reddy .But why cant our principal solve these problems by some simple methods??? Why don't he just move our exam center to some safe place and continue with the exams??? Already a 2 month gap has been formed in our academic year and I really don't want this to continue. If this postponement of exams goes on like this and our academic year gets abolished. Whats the situation then??? People who are placed have to sacrifice their jobs and people who have managed to get a seat in prestigious institutes for further studies by means of gr8 hard work and efforts have to sacrifice their hard earned seats. Is that what all these student organizations wish to happen???Isn't the students lives being effected??? That means the so called student organizations who call themselves to be the only support of students under any situation are actually spoiling the careers of hundreds or may be even thousands of students !!!

I don't know when would this entire issue settle down but I m really worried about my fellow mates. I don't think formation of Telangana would change the lives of students in any way and even if it does the scale would be very small. So lets not spoil our lives for such silly things and let the people worry about their jobs and as students our job is to study,so lets just concentrate on it leaving all other matters to respective authorities!!!So lets just free our selves from all such issues !!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Experiments with MBA exams !!!

First and foremost I am sorry for copying the name of autobiography of our Father of the Nation ,but I couldn't come up with a better name !!!!
Well I was a CAT aspirant and was preparing for the same since past few months.We all know how tough the exam is and I know how worst my preparation was.For that reason I applied for many other MBA exams along with CAT as a backup plan so that one or the other may work out.So the list goes like this IIFT,CAT,JMET,SNAP,XAT and FMS .These are the exams I experimented with.CAT was the only exam which I took seriously and wrote many mocks and though not satisfied with my preparation I could say it was average.But the other exams I don't even know the format of the papers nor the previous year cut-offs and how many questions should I attempt to be in a safe position.This post is not to tell you guys how I wrote nor to tell how should you prepare the next time but its for explaining the mistakes I did which I want no one to commit the next time.
Nov 22nd was the 1st MBA entrance exam of my life and it was IIFT.The problem with IIFT is the time factor.Paper was tough and given time is no way sufficient.To add to our problems there is GK which I guess very few freshers could answer except if he or she is very good follower of our news channels and news papers.The marks allocated for each question is very confusing and we don't understand how many questions should we attempt to clear cut-off’s .To clear IIFT one should read news paper daily and should be very accurate and should utilize time efficiently which I dint and therefore dint clear the exam.

Nov 29th was the date fixed for CAT.As you all know CAT went online and they gave students the choice of choosing the date. I chose this date as I want it on a Sunday. Luckily I dint have any problems during the exam as some of my friends faced and the paper was easy. But the problem is easy papers could give you great scores but not great percentiles as the paper is easy for every one.

My next exam was JMET and it was on Dec 13th .I don't know why but I was not at all serious with this one and I went to the exam hall with out any preparation. But after the exam I repented for it as the paper was easy and writing mocks would have helped me in my time management.I did OK in the exam but could have done better.

SNAP was on Dec 20th and again I went with out any preparation but my confidence was high as when I checked out some previous SNAP’s questions ,they were of my kind which I could do and I am good at. General knowledge was better than IIFT as its more of mixed questions which even covers sports,entertainment etc where as it was completely business oriented in IIFT. So some how I managed to do well. But the only mistake I always commit in almost every exam is I get struck with one section and the due to lack of time I’ll screw up another section. Same happened here and I screwed up Verbal section.

Jan 3rd it was my XAT exam and by this time it must seem obvious to you that I must have gone to the exam without preparation and its true :D . But I must say XAT was the toughest of all the exams I have attempted and the time was so less that I screwed up it completely . It was my worst performance of the year I guess.But wanna advice you guys that we can write any exam without preparation but not XAT.

Even after having a shock treatment with XAT I went to my last MBA entrance test of the year ie FMS exam without preparation yet again.Exam was neither easy nor tough. Quant and Logical Reasoning were very easy and RC’s and Verbal sections very tough and here comes the great prob 200 questions 2 hours was the format .I did according to the difficulty level.Hope for the best.

From my experiments with these exams I have learnt few things which I wanna share with you guys.
- Prepare for any one exam perfectly so that you could live in peace during other exams(mostly it would be CAT).
- Read News papers(I know u do ). Read other articles along with your regular sports,entertainment and page 3 articles.
- For people weak at Verbal section like me its better start reading some novels .

That's all I have got folks hope you guys find it interesting and informative .....