Saturday, February 27, 2010

1411 - a number of ambiguity !!!

Yup it’s true. The number being publicized by the authorities as the number of wild Tigers left in India isn’t accurate enough. As this number was proposed 2 years back & above 100 Tigers have been killed during last two years. According to some wildlife conservationists the figure might be somewhere between 1000 and 1100. This itself shows that our National Animal is in great danger and as responsible citizens of India it is our duty to protect them from the danger of extinction as it happened with cheetahs in our country.

The demand for Tiger parts is huge in foreign countries and the rural people living in the neighborhood of the natural habitat of the tigers kill them for their livelihood. They receive very little amount for the Tiger parts as compared to their true value in the foreign markets. We can understand that if at all we can provide them with some other means of employment, they wouldn’t involve in such crimes. But how could these people possibly trade with the mafia outside??? This is the question of million dollars. This itself shows that many officials are involved in this illegal activity of tiger trafficking and poor local people are being utilized for their own benefits. Government should conduct some awareness programs to make the people realize what kind of crime they are committing by killing tigers and possibly provide them with some optional employment like forest guides.

The demand for Tiger parts shows how much man had transformed into animal. On acquiring all the basic necessities of life man has started running behind luxuries. Its fine if we claim for luxuries until and unless we aren’t harming someone whether its human or animal or our eco system itself. Tigers parts such as its skin, head and bones are bought by mindless mad rich people who want them just for the purpose of showcasing their status nothing other than that. But they aren’t realizing that Tigers are the part of our ecosystem which are protecting our forests to certain extent. If all the wild life species become extinct, then people start deforestation which will affect our own ecosystem and makes our own sustainability difficult on Earth. Earth belongs to more than 1.6 million species not alone to humans and every species has the right to live on earth as much as we do. The extinction of any species effects the balance our environment as it breaks our food chain or food webs thereby causing another species to become extinct.

The immediate steps to be taken by government/citizens of India are :
1. Make as many people as possible aware of the problem.
2. Avoid Fragmenting of natural habitats of Tigers.
3. Provide the local people with some means of employment.
4. Increase the number of forest Tiger protection staff.
5. Introduce strict laws regarding the punishment of the people involved with Tiger trafficking.

So at least now let’s realize and cause awareness towards this issue to as many as possible. Every small involvement helps a lot. What can you do??? People interested check out
Save our Tigers.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A different Exam !!!

Few days back one of my college friends asked me if I could volunteer to write an exam for the students who are visually challenged organized by some student wing of Rotaract. Though I wanted to, I was a bit hesitant as the schedule of the exams wasn't convenient for me. The only possible date I could make it possible is Feb 4th and even that wasn't easy for me as the date falls between my travels to Pune and Tirupati. But then not only I wanted to help a student write his exam but also I wanted to experience how do they actually manage to learn and write exams. So Feb 4th was fixed....

But when I returned from Pune I started to get nervous. The reason is that I don't know which subject I am going to write and I don't know if I could actually write it well by understanding what the student says and moreover I could never forgive myself if the student fails because of me. With these many uncertainties in my mind I went to the center. To add to my problems the center was at Ranigunj and I don't know the route. After many phone calls and help from the pedestrians,auto drivers etc I some how managed to reach the center. On reaching the center I was told the subject was commerce and my nervousness reached to a new level as I have "ZERO" knowledge about the subject....
But god came to my rescue and the girl who said it was commerce was wrong. It was civics and I was OK with it.Also the exam isn't final its pre final knowing which I felt normal again. The name of the student for whom I was writing the exam was T.సైదులు that's how he spells it. He isn't blind completely but he has some problem with the nerves so his vision is blurred. My first compliment for my handwriting came from my student companion :) He said he likes cursive handwriting but he couldn't write that way. He is from Nalgonda and has two siblings. When a boy came supplying tea for every one I dint take it. But as my friend Saidulu insisted on tasting it I did and it was tasting good actually. Finally the question paper was given and when read out the questions unfortunately he doesn't know the answer for even one. With my school knowledge I managed to write some answers and then every one was helping every one in the hall. So some how finished the exam.I hope he gets decent marks.
But the best part comes now. After the exam every one came to me asked my name and introduced themselves. The names of the students were Saidulu, Venkanna, Aditya , John, Prakash, Ravi. One of them was moving his arms over me and was wondering about my height. He even asked me why dint I go for IPS. Guess what was the hot topic over there??? Off course Telangana. As I come from OU they were questioning about the situation over there. Majority of people were from Telangana and all of them want a separate Telangana. When I said my native was Vizag but was bought up entirely at Hyderabad. They asked me about my views about Telangana. I said I am happy either ways and it doesn't matter to me. Then they took my number and left.
After completing my little chat with the students I was given a certificate for what I have did. I dint expect it nor do I want it. Actually the self satisfaction I got from the entire experience was more than enough for me. But it was their way of encouraging students to help the society in what ever way they can. Even the reason I am posting my entire experience is to encourage people to do such things. I would feel extremely happy if at least one person gets motivated by my post. Lets hope for the best !!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

24 hours @ PUNE

Finding an accommodation at midnight 1am, struggling with the geyser wherein the water was either too cold or too hot, attending the GDPI process for SCMHRD, dealing with the auto driver who mistook the address given, relishing the Pune cuisine, watching movie at E square, shopping at Pune malls which wouldn't run after 9pm, persuading an uninterested auto driver to take us to railway station, having dinner at an awesome 24 hour restaurant at railway station which is busy 24x7 no matter what the time and day it is, surfing till 12 am at railway station and finally taking the 1 am train back to Hyderabad which was 15 mins late. Every thing happened in the busiest,craziest and thrilling 24 hrs of my life....

When I took the train at Begumpet at 2:45 pm the previous day along with my friend Roopak Bhartee I was only worried about the GDPI stuff and for the same reason I couldn't sleep. I was awake till we reached Pune passing the time by listening to songs. I must say we were lucky enough to find an accommodation within 20 mins and we went to bed immediately. But I have a very serious problem. I actually couldn't sleep whenever there is some very important event next day. So the same repeated and I couldn't sleep well even in hotel. I woke up at 7 am and both of us dressed up formally and left the hotel at 9:30 am after struggling a lot with the tie :D The process venue was International Convention Center and it took 20 mins to reach there. We had our breakfast at the venue and the process started exactly on the given time. Here I couldn't stop myself from praising the entire SCMHRD team for managing the entire process wonderfully. It was smooth, on time and the volunteers were very friendly. My GD was OK where the topic was a case study wherein we need to select best ad campaign amongst given four and I must say my PI went on very well. The entire process completed in 2 hours and we left immediately.

Here comes the trouble,the auto driver mistook the Barne road for Baner road and took us in a different direction. Luckily Roopak recognized that we were on wrong route and we could correct him soon. As we were hungry we first went to a bar&restaurant which was near our hotel where people were boozing like hell. I was a bit hesitant about having my lunch there but cant help as I dint have enough strength and stamina to find a new one. We ordered some naan and curry and to my utter disbelief the taste was amazing and I loved it. So the bottom line is never judge a place by its ambiance :D Then we went back to our hotel,where after freshening up and relaxing for some time we checked out.

Initially we thought of visiting some well known places locally but couldn't go with the idea as we were too exhausted to roam along with our heavy luggage's. So preferred to watch a movie instead. We went to E-square,a multiplex and watched Ishqiya which was good except for the tough language which was difficult to understand. Once done with the movie we thought of going to malls nearby and were shocked to know that malls at Pune close by 9:30 pm on week days. So we did some quick shopping and again to add to our problems no auto driver was willing to take us to railway station. We some how managed to lure an auto driver by paying him extra and finally we reached railway station by 10 pm. We had our dinner at Comesum restaurant which according to them was the fastest growing food chain in the country and I couldn't help but agree. The food was great and the menu has wide variety of items and most importantly its available 24x7. It even had net center and it was a great way to spend time while waiting for our train. When the train arrived finally at 1:30 am we slept immediately only to wake up at 10 am in the morning and we reached Begumpet at 12 pm.

The entire journey was a great experience and I had loads of fun. And if I convert my call (hopefully),it would be the most unforgettable day of my life till date.