Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love my college but....

University college of Engineering (Autonomous), Osmania University is the oldest and biggest among the Engineering Colleges of the state of Andhra Pradesh and it’s the 6th Engineering college to be established in the whole of British India. We started out great, we used to have best faculty and our alumni made us proud by attaining great achievements and positions where ever they went. People consider it as an honor to be part of our college and give us the students of OUCE a status. But where do we stand today??? Why isn't it given the status of an IIT or NIT. What’s stopping us to compete ourselves with the IIT's and NIT's. What is it that makes IIT's and NIT's a better option for corporate companies???I don’t know the exact reasons. But what I consider are...

1. Poor Infrastructure: This is one of the main reasons. Come on guys’ world is changing faster than ever and we are still stuck up with the same old methodologies. For example take our chemistry lab for example. Why aren't we using electronic weighing machines instead of those time consuming antique pieces. Why can’t we move with the changing technology???
2. Syllabus: How often does our syllabus reviewed and modified. Like if a person studies at OUCE it may not be shocking news if even his son/daughter studies the same syllabus. We must include all the ongoing research and upcoming technologies into our course so that we can accustom to the corporate lifestyle as soon as possible. Most of the things taught in our syllabus are no longer used in the real world. What’s the use of studying them? For example COBOL which is no more used. Every other company out there asks for .NET but I don’t understand why they don’t include it in our syllabus.
3. Faculty: Only best students of our state get a chance to get a seat in our college. Our college expects a standard from students. But what happens to the same standards when it comes to faculty??? One of the reasons they doesn’t update our syllabus is that it becomes tough for our faculty to get accustomed to the syllabus first. I agree there are also great professors who are very good at subject but if people with low standards teach us our core subjects automatically our standards fall. We lose interest and that’s how bunking starts!!! Some lecturers though have great subject knowledge have very poor teaching skills. What I suggest is even they should be having certain workshops to improve themselves. We don’t come to this college to have one or two good professors, we expect every professor to be good. We worked hard for it and we deserve it. Why should we learn Java from outside institutes????
4. Students: Even students are responsible for the present situation of our college. We don’t attend classes, we don’t utilise the resources we have properly, politics are more important to us than our studies, we copy, and we cheat. Actually as soon as we enter engineering we forget that the reason we are here is to study. Everything other than engineering seems to be important to us. Poor infrastructure, syllabus and faculty aided to it. We don’t have any time for recreation in our schedule and that makes us to reschedule the time available.
5. Exams: Like the standard of our syllabus our exams also maintain the same pattern. We can easily pass if we are thorough with the questions of last few previous year papers. Our evaluation .... don’t ask !!! If you write well you get less and if you fake well you get more. Finally our marking system is a great confusion. They call it cgpa but it isn’t the actual cgpa. It’s just your percentage by ten.
6. Others: This list goes on and on. Osmania is the head quarters for any political issue in the state. Telangana issue is still going on. Day scholars and Hostellers feeling. Lack of quality cultural and technical fests. Lack of proper sports schedule. Lack of personality development programmes. Lack of communication skills among the students etc

I am not blaming my college alone but I am blaming everything related to it along with myself which needs to improve. Unless and until these issues are resolved our college could never progress. Already it lost the status of No.1 College in our state to NIT Warangal. If this continues the situation gets even worse. For now and ever I am an Osmanian and as an Osmanian I would like to see my college as No.1 in the country. I want every college in other countries or our country to prefer us over any other college for further studies. I want to gain our reputation back. Let’s see how far we could be successful in doing that !!!