Friday, April 2, 2010

New look !!!

This is for all my fellow bloggers out there. I know like me many of you must be tired of the same old templates that are available in blogger. Finally here comes the new templates for our rescue. The one you are seeing in my blog is one of the latest templates released by blogger. Now it has become difficult to choose from the wide variety of options available. Here is the link to change the look of your blog .

On going to the site mentioned we ll be given a new option of  Template Design in the Layout section of the settings where we can find 15 new templates and we can even change the background of the blog. It has provided us with wide variety of images to select from. We can customize the look of our blog by selecting from various layouts available. We can adjust the colors of all the 15 templates according to our taste. In the layout we can adjust the width of our blog. And the best part of these new templates is that we can add new CSS styles to our templates.

So friends lets give our thoughts a new look with these new templates. Give it a fresh feel which we are lacking since ages !!!

The actual story behind the FOOL's Day !!!

Many of us make fools of each other on this day,1st April of every year, but never bothered to know the story behind it. That may be due to the last wish of a loosing lover who's tragic story ended on the same day !!! It was a fairy tale which wasn't fair enough !!! Just spend few minutes to go through the story before you start making fools around coz you may not continue doing it after doing so....

Once upon a time there was a period when no boundaries existed to separate continents nor religions or languages separated the people, where every person in the world were living with each other in peace and harmony. The king was very generous and the queen was known for her kindness. There wasn't any crime existing in his reign. It was a happy kingdom where every one cared for every one and no evil prevailed. The only matter that worried the people and the king was lack of the male heir who could inherit his thrown. There wasn't any holy place that the royal couple didn't visit. They performed all the rituals ever known to any priest. Finally on a fine day their dreams came true and the queen gave birth to a beautiful boy.The prince was having a special glow and charm to him which made him attractive to every one. The people of the kingdom celebrated the occasion and the king has invited every one for a feast where he has declared the prince as their future king!!!

The prince was bought up well. He excelled in all the skills required for him to rule the kingdom. All the people were waiting eagerly for the prince to be declared as a king. But the kingdom has a tradition that a prince can be declared as a king only on the day of his marriage. For the same reason the king started searching for the beautiful and intelligent girls who could become the future queen of the kingdom. But the prince liked no one. Every girl was lacking some thing or the other and the prince wasn't satisfied with any of them. Time was passing faster than ever and the prince was getting impatient. One fine day a girl came from the far away lands seeing whom the prince fell in love at the very first sight. He proposed her immediately. The girl was beautiful and tender. She hesitated in the beginning but accepted his proposal on knowing that he was the prince. But she kept wondering whether she had made the right decision. Even before she got her answer she was married to the prince and the prince was declared the new king of the kingdom.

Though the prince was happy marrying the girl he loved,he was always doubtful about whether the girl loved him back or not?One day when he returned to the palace from the court he was handed a cover which was from his wife. The subject of the letter revealed that his wife never loved him but married him only for the fear of her life. How ever she met a guy whom she really loves and so she is going away with him. The prince was devastated and couldn't digest the fact that his wife had left him. As a result of this he committed suicide leaving a letter for his parents which asks them to declare that day,1st of April as FOOL's Day for all those fools who fell in love...

But what he doesn't know was the fact that his wife did it just for the sake of  fun and didn't have any intentions of leaving him. Just after her marriage she fell in love with the prince. She thought she would give him a surprise bye proposing him back on the same day when they met for the first time. Just to add little spice to her surprise she left that letter. But on listening to the news of her husband's death even she committed suicide....

This is the tragic story behind the FOOL's Day. So just think for a moment before fooling some one ....

P.S. Nothing written in the above post is true. If you felt it was true I am sorry to say that you are fool... :P