Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Education for ALL !!!

I always wondered why aren't we called a developed country? Or what are the reasons that are stopping us to be called so? The answers include a long list of problems, but the important ones are corruption, over population, illiteracy etc But according to me the main problem is always illiteracy. Because education gives you confidence and helps you lead a comfortable life. Also it'll make you realize the various problems existing and also how to face them. It plays a key role in our personality development and helps in our decision making, what is good and what is wrong. Good education can reduce all the other problems we are facing today to a large extent if not completely. But providing quality education at affordable rates has become the major problem today. And this is the solution I propose to provide EDUCATION to ALL !!!
We accept it or not Education has become costly and it is not easy for government to provide it to large number of students. It is even difficult in an over populated country like India. Most of the government schools lack existing today are not upto the mark and lack in proper infrastructure and well trained faculty. If we look at the costs that make up the total education cost we mainly have two costs. Cost of infrastructure and Cost of people working including faculty and others. But cost of infrastructure is fixed and once bought we need not bother about it for a span of atleast 10 years. So it is relatively less when we compare with fee to be paid to the faculty and other staff. So our problem will be solved if we try to reduce this cost.

NGO's are playing the major role in the over all development of the country and from what I have seen from all the pre-placement talks of the companies that visited our college, they are having tie ups with one or two NGO's and are interested to help the society in whatever way they could. Now all we need is to make the process organized and see to that every one participate in it. First we have to talk to the government and ask them to provide us the required infrastructure or else we can use the already existing government schools and remodel them. Then we need to talk to the leading companies to have tie ups with this program, so that they ll have to send few of their employees daily to teach for one hour. As we know most of the companies hire the top students they would be able to teach with minimum training. As the employees will be teaching for free there would be great reduce in the fee thereby increasing the number of children who get quality education. This entire process may sound easy but need an effective implementation to make it work successfully.

Basically we need an NGO to take up this project. So friends if you like the Idea and feel that this may work, do suggest few NGO's which are into education field and also try to give as much as publicity to this idea. I would like to work myself with the NGO if this materializes.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cureless Disease !!!

Don't go by the title of the post ! I am not talking about HIV or AIDS . The disease I am talking about is far more dangerous and no doctor nor scientist has found a cure. It is quiet famous yet people don't realize that they have been infected !!! It is known by many different names. Most importantly it has many forms. However small or big may be the country but it is affected by at least one of its forms. Confusing ??? Hmmm yea should be. As even you may have it but you don't yet recognize and don't even consider it as a disease. Friends I am talking about DISCRIMINATION on basis of prejudice !!!
This is known by different names like Racism, Religionism, Regionalism, Sexism, Castism etc. We have seen what racism does in Australia. Our students have to face lot of problems due to racism. India is known for Unity in Diversity. But how far is that true? Are we living upto that statement? Its true that we have lots of religions, and people who speak different languages are coexisting together. But is the harmony prevailing between them? If that is true, Why would the riots take place? Why would a party whose solo agenda is religionism would rule our country? We discriminate people on the basis of religion here but you would get to experience the same in the places like Australia.

Coming to Andhra Pradesh today we are facing two main problems, Regionalism and Castism. People want to divide the state into three just for their political benefits. But a more serious problem is Castism. Parents themselves influence their children and propagate this disease to them. They ask their children to only be friends with their caste people or don't mix with lower caste people and etc. They treat other caste people as enemies and lower caste people as untouchables. And sexism exists every where. No matter what men are always better than women. 

All these problems are only due to the misconception of the people. They have a serious superiority complex. Men always believe they are superior to Women, Whites believe they are superior to Blacks, people who rule believe they are the best and people who are well educated have their own issues. People often forget that castes are formed based on the occupations. Why don't they understand that we all are the same at our heart. Why do they need to give more importance to race, color, sex, caste etc rather than their character? Not only our country but all the countries are being effected by this disease. So strict laws must be filed against this. Political parties should be punished severely whenever they support a particular set of people. No discrimination should be tolerated. Parents and teachers should teach children that all are equals. And the day every one in the world considers every other person as his equal we need not have any boundaries made and the entire world becomes one happy home !!!!