Saturday, August 28, 2010

Home new Home :) !!!

Back to blogging after a long time guys !!! During college days I always used to think that I was busy, but now I know the true definition of being busy when I don't get time to have my breakfast,get a hair cut,wash my clothes and what not ? These things would have not bothered me if I was staying at my place. That's because of our parents. They don't want us to face any kind of uncomfortable situation and that's the reason we take these things for granted. I wasn't an exception . But now that I am out of my safe zone, as a grown up fish out of the pond and into a bigger stream, I can feel the difference between the 'HOME SWEET HOME' and 'HOME NEW HOME'....

Its been a month that I joined Headstrong, evident from my previous post ;) and after a comfortable two weeks at the guest house provided by my company I suddenly realized I have no place to live !!! Though we searched for various options during those two weeks, nothing materialized. But luck favored us(me and Ashwin(my roommate)) as we found a flat in an apartment which was looking pretty good. I can say it was definitely the best among the places we were shown by the brokers here. But as the locality was at the heart of the city, cost of living was very high . But we are ready to take it as it was close to looking like a Home rather than just a set of rooms. The entire process took more than 40 to 50 phone calls to the real estate agents and house brokers. It was a new kind of experience . I used the classifieds for the first time in my entire life :D But the problem with the place was that we couldn't shift for another week as the one residing now wouldn't be vacating till then. That's when I have to face the worst days of my life sleeping in bed placed in the stinking hall as a paying guest. I dint have an option as no one was willing to rent a room for just a week. But we survived for a week some how and we finally moved to our Home on August 9th . It felt as if I had my home back except for my family. Me,Ashwin and Srishti ( final member of our gang :P) had dinner and we called it a day.

I thought I am done with all the difficulties as soon as we shifted. But here comes the new twist and life teaches a new lesson yet again. We just have an empty house which needs to be filled up . We had to list down all the important things (important and urgent ;) !!!) and had to carefully manage the budget as we already spent a lot on the advance of the house and we wouldn't be receiving our salary for at least 20 days from then. I should thank Srishti and her family as they helped us with all the small but basic necessities like bed sheets, iron box and all. But we had to make some arrangements for water(which we were able to do) and look for a maid (which is in pending as of now) , the most difficult part of the journey so far. All these things are effecting our schedule a lot and we already face a lot of stress from our training . But as always I am not among the people who give up. So as of now I am enjoying the most busy and hectic phase of my life !!! Wish me luck guys !!! :)