Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thats definitely a 'NEW' Year for me !!!

Its not just a new year for me. Its a new experience that I had on the occasion of new year eve, the previous night. New year was always special for me. Don't know why but even today I feel excited about it as much as I used to feel about it a decade ago !!!

All of this started on one of our family gatherings(Our family gatherings are mostly involving our family and my uncle Mr Ganapati Rao's family and my aunt Mrs Parvati Devi's family) some where in the mid 90's . That day my dad announced that he is going to host a party on Dec 31st of that year. We weren't sure whether it will be a success or not. But as a kid I always loved the idea of parties. So I was super excited and hence waited eagerly for that day . Finally the D day arrived. My dad has a great ability to manage events(Probably he would have made a good event manager if he had an opportunity) and my sister inherited those traits later on. But that night he made nice arrangements which was really the best we could have considering our financial position then. All of us are happy with the arrangements but we dint know what to do till the clock rings the bell !!! So we used to play tambola and elders used to play cards and all. As the party was a success our three families decided to arrange the party on every Dec 31st alternatively at their respective houses. With every year passing by we kids turned into teenagers and the fun got amplified. Also we started playing various games and we used to dance and all. It was great fun during those days when I was in my teenage.I love my dad for starting some thing like that.

Hmmm but as every good or bad thing comes to an end. Even these new year parties started to bore me. I missed the party one year because of my exams and I dint feel the difference. May be I wanted to do some thing different. I used to envy my friends who would party till late nights. To add to my worries I had this rule at my place that I have to reach home by 10pm . During my engineering I used to ask my dad to let me go party with my friends. He always used to postpone that by saying this one time attend this party and you can go from next year. The same happened last year also and my dad was like "We don't know where you would be next year so spend this night with us". Eventually my dads words turned out to be true and I got posted in Bangalore.

Don't know why but I dint really plan any thing special for the new year till Christmas. But I got a call next day from my best friend Raju saying that he would be coming to Bangalore. So I thought why not plan some thing BIG ;) I started searching for all the new year events in Bangalore and finalised on Manchester United Bar and Restaurant. And yesterday as my regular habit goes !!! I again did shopping on the first day of receiving my salary and went to the pub at some where around 8pm. Initially there was no crowd and I was disappointed. But later on slowly the place was flooded with people and we were ready to rock the floor ! That's when we got to see some fine salsa and rap performances which got us into the mood. We danced for more than two hours. The drinks and food was superb. Finally we left the place at 1am . I dint have any stamina left in me by the time I reached home and I collapsed onto my bed. But on waking up today morning I really had this great feeling that "yes I am living it to the fullest !!!" Though its been 6 years since I became friends with Raju we never had this freedom back in Hyderabad. So it was great having him here and I missed my another close pal Teja who couldn't make it to the party. Any ways ALL IZZZ WELLL that ends Well. So wish you all a very prosperous new year and have a great life ahead.