Sunday, May 1, 2011

Painful Experience....

Hi friends !!! Sorry for not being regular on my blog. I am not going to blame it on my busy schedule !!! I was just being lazy :D I cant believe its been 4 months since I blogged. I did lot of things during the se 4 months which I ll share with you people later. But as of now I m gonna discuss about my most painful experience ever !!!.

In February I guess I suddenly woke up at mid night 1 am I guess. It wasn't because of a nightmare but it was because of a nightmare to be pain. My left jaw was paining so much that I couldn't bear it. I couldn't sleep any more and I was waiting for the time to pass so that I can visit a dentist. All this pain was because of my mistake of ignoring a similar pain during November last year. So after surviving the unbearable pain for 5 hours I  went to a dentist only to know that its just a beginning.....

I always was afraid of dentist and all that equipment and that day I had no other option than facing it. I had to sit for 2 hours with my mouth wide open. Dentist was doing the treatment on the decayed part of my tooth and the pain was so extreme that tears rolled out of my eyes. After that day I got to know that I have to come for 6 more sittings of same kind to get it fixed. It was root canal analysis and was dealing with sensitive part of my tooth. It costed me approximately 10k and also I had to go through lot of physical and mental pain.

So friends never ignore any symptoms of malfunction of your body. Otherwise you will be repenting later.

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