Saturday, December 15, 2012

End of Bangalore Chapter !!!

After almost a year I am back to blogging. I wouldn't say my life was devoid of any interesting events or fun activities. But nothing seemed to be new or something which I haven't discussed before. To be frank I was just being lazy :D . So here I am back to discuss my life at and after Bangalore.

For me to digest the fact that I am no more HEADSTRONG is somewhat difficult. That was the kind of impact my first company had on me. So August 15th,2012 was my new Independence day which gave me my freedom back (from the stressful software job !!! though only for 2 weeks it was a much needed break.) I am back to Hyderabad. I was happy as my family and friends(most of them) are here. It was something I always wanted, to settle in Hyderabad. But it only took me one week to realize that I dint get my freedom back but instead lost it to my parents instead of my job :( .

Life is tough when you live outside your house. My definition of house is where your parents resides. So the beginning months of my Bangalore chapter two years back was really tough. I dint have my parents to take care of every small and big issue of my life. So I slowly got used to the tough situation. But once I did, it was so cool because I am my Boss. I have no one to answer. I can just do whatever I want to. Its a different kind of experience and I loved it. But as it is with all the good things in life, I slowly started to lose interest in that kind of life and started to miss Home. So after two years of great time at Bangalore I resigned just to get back to Hyderabad.

But Headstrong would always hold a special place in my memories because that is where I gained all my confidence with which I could face any challenge that would unfold. Also the colleagues who helped me professionally and always made me feel at ease. I wont say I would miss Bangalore but if there is any city next to Hyderabad that I love it has to be it.